Flower Field Salad

My neighbor loves flowers.

When I was in LA, I could easily see palm tree but not so much of flowers, so finding new flowers and plants while walking is my favorite moment living in this area.

Do you think it would be interesting to bring them in your dinner plate, don’t you?

I love seeing surprising face on my dinner buddy, so let’s try it out 😀




  • Some leaf lettuce
  • ¼ of large carrot
  • ⅛ of large zucchini
  • 2 large tomatoes
  • Some canned sweet kernel corn
  • A bunch of scallion
  • your favorite salad dressing



  1. Prepare ingredients
    Lettuce – tear in desired size
    Canned corn – drain
    Scallion – chop

  2. Thinly slice veggies and create flower with them!
    For zucchini and tomato, thinly slice and make a line. Each slice of them should be half overlapping. See the picture below.

    Then, slowly wrap them from left to right to make rose shape.
    *I tried it with carrot, but seems like they are too hard to form rose shape, so please try it with zucchini and tomato!

  3. Let your plate blossom with flowers!
    Place lettuce, carrot, rose shaped tomato, rose shaped zucchini, and sprinkle kernel corn and scallion. Pour your favorite salad dressing and your cute salad is ready to serve!



Ingredients / Tool Recommendation


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