Buttery Sugar Rusk

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Today’s recipe…

well, I’m kind of embarrassed to call it as recipe because you don’t need any special ingredients or special preparational method to make it.

This is the simple but incredibly yummy quick bite for your snack or breakfast with just 3 ingredients and 5 min to cook!

Rich flavor of butter and sweet sugar on crunchy baguette will be your next obsession!




  • Some baguette
  • Some butter
  • Some sugar


  1. Slice baguette

  2. Spread butter and sprinkle sugar

  3. Toast them!


You may think “is it recipe!? It is too easy!”

I know. But you should try making it if you are bored with just buttery toast.

You just need a few ingredients and 5 min, so you won’t regret making it!



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