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About Tanooki’s @home Cafe

Postings about yummy homemade food recipe, cute easy DIY home decoration, and simple, efficient household hack will be mainly uploaded. Everyone is welcome to come, like, comment or even try what I post:)   


About Recipe

The amount of ingredients are for two people.

Some ingredients might be unavailable in your local or in your ref right at the moment of trying, but you can always substitute with some other veggies/produce since all I hope for you from my posting is enjoy cooking and delicious meal made at home and be happy! So be optimistic and just have fun feeling at home 🙂


A little bit about Tanooki


Immigrated from some forest in Asia to the states in 2006.

Has slightly big tummy from everyday’s tasty homemade meal, and enjoys holding concert with the tummy-drum every night.  The tummy drum could win some music award, that’s what tanooki is dreaming about.


Tanooki’s Hobbies

Cooking, DIY, napping. They’d be the main topic appears in this blog(except napping :P.)


Have fun with frugal lifestyle!