Epic Oops Tanooki Does (or Do as Usual!)

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Well, as I said on my last Sunday’s posting,  I’m uploading my artistic stuff in this blog every Sunday. But you know, it isn’t that easy to do everything perfect. We make mistakes, sometimes do multiple times for the same thing. So I’d like to share my mistake in my artistic work.

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Recycling Glass Jar for Flower Vase

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

I hope it’s been good so far, because we all deserve weekend;)


So, since it’s Sunday I’d like to introduce my work of decorated glass jar that used to contain pasta sauce.




Girly theme that is perfect for spring!

I usually use my recycled glass jar in kitchen, but this time I used it as flower vase. My dinner buddy brought a couple of tulips on mother’s day, and I reminded I got such a great advice to use it as vase in my previous post! All I did was just simply put them on this glass jar but it gave bright, gorgeous accent in my room! (And sorry, I totally forgot to take a pic of them…What a shame!!:( )

I saw so many bulbs are on sale thanks to blossom spring, so maybe I can grab some from my local store and decorate my room again!

Have a great Sunday, everyone 🙂