Recycling Glass Jar for Flower Vase

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

I hope it’s been good so far, because we all deserve weekend;)


So, since it’s Sunday I’d like to introduce my work of decorated glass jar that used to contain pasta sauce.




Girly theme that is perfect for spring!

I usually use my recycled glass jar in kitchen, but this time I used it as flower vase. My dinner buddy brought a couple of tulips on mother’s day, and I reminded I got such a great advice to use it as vase in my previous post! All I did was just simply put them on this glass jar but it gave bright, gorgeous accent in my room! (And sorry, I totally forgot to take a pic of them…What a shame!!:( )

I saw so many bulbs are on sale thanks to blossom spring, so maybe I can grab some from my local store and decorate my room again!

Have a great Sunday, everyone 🙂

Glass Jar Art

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! I hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂


Here is another version of my glass jar art.

Well, I think some of you may know already because I put black sesame seeds in it and it sometimes appear on my recipe posting. But I haven’t put the spot light on her and seems like the jar is jealous to other glass jar I’ve shown you so far, so this is the time!

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