Magnet Hook Transformation

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my new posting.

Recently i’m so obsessed for art especially the one uses rhinestones.

At first, I just thought I should use leftover rhinestones but now, they make me so excited to transform boring stuff to a little more cute one.

I’ve made glass jars, binder clips, and pins, so now is the time to introduce magnet hook.

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Binder Clip Transformation

When I was making the pasta sauce glass jar to be more like fancy one, I noticed still there are many rhinestones left. The newest one that I purchased was back in 2009, so I wanted to use them all soon. I know it’s not going to be bad after leaving them for so long, but I just thought I should use them.

Rhinestones, lace tapes, nail stickers…I had plenty of them, so I glue on the binder clips and it became…


Woo wonderful!

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