(Takana) Mustard Green Fried Rice

My parents sent me a package from my home country.

There are lots of chocolate candy that are impossible to get one even in asian market, so I was super excited to open it.

My mom also included some seasoning for me. It was supposed to use as pasta sauce, called takana pasta sauce. But to me, it wasn’t good with pasta. I didn’t want to waste it, so I’ve decided to use it as fried rice seasoning.

(Takana by the way is the mustard green. We as asian people eat it as pickles and put them in rice ball.)

I believe the seasoning can be purchased in asian grocery, so I put review too!

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Leek and Egg Glass Noodle

I love cooking, but cooking food from scratch is hard especially working full time.

I usually post recipes that cook from scratch (even pie crust! :P.)

But today, I’d like to share recipe using popular sauce that can be easily obtained from local grocery market.

The magical ingredient is: Soyaki sauce!

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