Burdock in Soy Flavor (Kinpira)

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I’ve introduced lotus roots in soy flavor, kinpira, but do you know this is also good with burdock?


Well, I should say kinpira made with burdock is more popular than the one with lotus roots.


In fact, my first experience with kinpira was the one with burdock. When I first tried kinpira with burdock, I was surprised with burdock could be such flavorful. When you bite, the flavor became stronger and stronger, and I fell in love with crunchy texture as well!


The looks is not cute like other veggies because burdock looks just like a branch, but since gobo is high in fiber, I recommend you cook this tasty recipe especially when your tummy don’t feel well;)

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Crispy Potatoes, Edamame, Corn in Butter Soy Sauce

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When I was a kid, potatoes are not regular one to appear on my meal. However, after moving to the US, french fries became one of the most popular meal partner, and now, they are still popular one on my meal thanks to my dinner partner and my taste are sharing similar preference.  


They are good with ketchup, ranch dressing, or my special garlic lemony dip, but sometimes I prefer going with lighter sauce.


If you are with me, let’s put flavor by using butter and soy sauce! All you need is just pour a little butter and soy sauce. Only taking this step, you’ll have flavorful crispy potatoes and veggies without dipping into creamy rich sauce.  


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Zesty Lemony Parmesan Dressing

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Are you sick of creamy and thick, rich salad dressing? And your main dish for today is Italian food? Then why don’t you keep reading and get nice salad dressing recipe?


This dressing is refreshing with rich flavor of parmesan cheese and zesty lemon. Flavorful dressing with fresh greens will give vivid accent on your meal time!


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Homemade Veggie Chips (Burdock and Lotus Roots)

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I’m a huge fan of chips! Every Wednesday, the day my local store updates weekly ad, I check if the chips are on sale and my shopping cart always has 2 or 3 bags of chips.


I usually buy potato chips, but sometimes I want to try healthy one, veggie chips! It’s packed in a plastic box, and because there are carrots, pumpkins, green beans, sweet potatoes, the small box are colorful and it’s so cute!


And. Here we can see a huge problem. Even though they are cute, the price is not cute…If we buy just one box of it, we could buy several bags of chips at the same price.


So, Tanooki decided to make it by herself. Thanks to air fryer, it uses less oil so it is super healthy!  

I used burdock and lotus roots, but you can choose your favorite one, of course!!


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Veggie Rice Bowl with Gochujang Sauce

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Eating healthy food is what everyone wants for meal time. Eating unhealthy food can sometimes let us feel we are destroying stress, but it’s only applied for some special occasion. We want to stay healthy!


So, if you got some fresh veggies, why don’t you grill them and pour some special sauce over rice!? This rice bowl recipe, the veggies are cut in huge chunk and the sauce’s sweet and sour flavor from gochujang can boost up your appetite!


Do you want some fuel to stay healthy? Here you go!



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