Chinese Broccoli Garlicky Stir Fry

I used to live with Chinese family when I was a college student. One day, they invited me for Chinese new year dinner.

There were a variety of food with meat, fish, and veggies. Everything was awesome, but my favorite was veggie garlic stir fry.

If you go to dim sum restaurant and give a glance to other table especially the one with Chinese family, the dish is almost always there. That means everyone loves the dish for its delicious taste, so you gotta try it too!

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Veggie Skin Shao Mai

When I made dumplings, I tend to make left over for the filling to turn it into another tasty dish.

One of the dish is veg-skin shao mai. The dumplings tend to be all white/light yellow, but this dish is already colorful from its veggie-skin.

The dish is easy and you can create another delicious food by using left-over! The most importantly, the dish have flavorful aroma + taste = DELICIOUS!!

Enjoy meal with both eyes and mouth! 😀

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Pork and Leek Dumplings

When I was net surfing for what people are up to, I across by someone’s blog about cooking with kids.

The posting was very heartwarming. Just looking at pics and text on the posting, I could feel love of family.

I don’t have kids for now, but someday I wanna be like the blog’s owner, cooking with her little boy/girl(with lots of secret-eating moment.)

So today, I’d like to introduce recipe that kids can participate in important part of cooking.

It’s not “grate radish” or “take out beans from pods” but throughout of the recipe except baking part.

The dish is: DUMPLINGS!

(*Please be aware that your kids might forget to put L between P and I on their diary. It is adult’s important part to double check spell miss! :P)


It’s good eating dumplings at fancy restaurant like Din Tai Fung, but eating handmade dumpling with kids can teach both adult and kids lifelong learning lesson.

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Mapo Tofu

If there is tofu in my ref in a cold day, dinner tend to be one of my favorite Chinese food, Mapo Tofu. Tofu filled in savory and spicy sauce with a side of rice will make my stomach a black hole. (Some say mapo tofu is not food but drink. I strongly agree with that:P)

If you have empty stomach in chilly day, your dinner should be this and you won’t regret your choice!  Mine contains edamame, so soft tofu with crispy edamame texture can definitely make many black hole tonight.

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