Tofu Miso Doria (Rice Casserole)

I’ve introduced many recipes that use tofu.

Tofu is used as main character in those recipe because I’ve used tofu as substitution of meat that I used to cook until my dinner buddy turned to vegetarian, and it made my cooking experience fabulous all the time.

Tofu is great source of protein, low calorie but they make our appetite satisfied, so it is one of the most popular ingredients for vegetarians as substitutional item of meat. But, do you guys know that tofu can be used as sauce as well? And you can cook amazing french fusion food by using tofu cream?

Don’t feel weird. All you need is just try it. Once you give it try, you will love tofu more than before!  

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Spinach Ricotta Quiche

French cuisine always attract me as high class food, so eating french food can make the day special. But there is no french restaurant in my local area, so I’d just cook it.

Today’s main character that is making my day special is…spinach ricotta quiche!

If you take the first bite of my quiche, you will feel the harmony of eggs and sweet, fresh cheese with another crunchy but melting cheese all at once on your mouth.


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