Korean Steamed Egg Gyeran Jjim

Super easy and quick egg dish is available to your table!

This is very popular Korean dish called Gyeran Jjim, especially when you go to Korean BBQ restaurant.

When I was in LA, this egg dish is everyone’s favorite, so as soon as the dish is served, we must decide if we are going to pass it clockwise or counterclockwise way.

Natural sweetness from the egg and the savory flavor of seasoning is enhanced our appetite, so I recommend it as a side dish of spicy food, or for those who bored to eat breakfast egg as sunny side up, hard boiled egg, or scrambled egg.


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Okra Glass Noodle Salad

Summer is good season with so much of sunshine.

When I was in CA, it was always burning for heat and sometimes it was too difficult to sleep. Now I moved to northern area and the heat is not that hard, but still the food is one of my signature dish during summer.

Nice cold okra and glass noodle soaked in refreshing sour dressing, your appetite will keep staying tune even in hot day.  

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Leek Pancake

Pancake is great dish for breakfast or snack.

If you like sweet, you can add a mountain of whipped cream or ice cream or variety of fruits on it.

If you feel like eating pancake as meal, you can add nutritional veggies and creamy mayo or savory sauce to make your tummy satisfied.

The recipe I’m sharing you today is pancake that I experienced at my favorite Korean restaurant. I tried it as part of banchan (a variety of side dish served before the main dish,) but I really loved it, so I asked owner to make it big so that I can eat it as main dish for the night.

With rich flavor of leek sauce, this leek pancake will be your favorite food!

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Korean Bean Sprouts Salad – Namul

If you’d like to add some side dish for Asian food, especially Korean food as quickly as possible, I recommend to consider for Korean style salad, Namul.

This time, I’d like to introduce bean sprouts salad.

Bean sprouts is known as reasonable, low calorie food and need less time to cook, so cooking Namul can make your meal 1 level advance with just a few ingredient in less than 5 min.


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