Veg Vermicelli Bowl

When I go to Vietnamese restaurant, I always wonder if I should have regular pho or vermicelli bowl. These two are my favorite dish on Vietnamese cuisine, and while it is getting hotter and hotter, I tend to have nice cold food lately.


I’d never tried making vermicelli bowl at my home, so I gave it try making homemade vermicelli bowl the other day. Overall, I satisfied my first-time-homemade-vermicelli-bowl, but I have a little concern, which is, if I had chosen the right kind of vermicelli noodle.


When I went to dried noodle aisle at Vietnamese grocery, the entire aisle had different kind of noodle. Some are egg noodle, some are bean noodle, and some are rice noodle which I’m supposed to use. However, even rice noodle with the package saying they were vermicelli, they were all different for how thick they are. I thought I should ask someone, but everyone looked busy and I was being super shy, so after spending several minutes, I chose one bag of noodle with praying I picked the right one.


It was good enough for making tasty vermicelli bowl after all, but for those who are familiar with Vietnamese food, maybe it looks weird…? Well, I can’t say.


Anyway, here is how I did it! 🙂


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Miso Mayo Soba Salad

I have several recipe for soba, and here is another/new one for you to try!


When I start running this blog, I ate soba with the usual soup/soba and I’d never chosen other way to eat soba, which is made with some cooking wine, soy sauce, and bonito stock. But today, explore the new and best way to enjoy cooking and meal, and found this one.


Sauce is richer than my usual soup because it is using mayo and miso. Richer but still nice savory flavor, and it’s quick to cook!


As outside is getting hotter and hotter, I think this will be your the usual menu in this summer!  


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Thai Style Glass Noodle Salad

Do you like noodle? How about salad?


If you check both question to YES, I’d recommend you to try this Thai flavored glass noodle salad. Me as a noodle lover, I grab a variety of noodle to enjoy tasty food like udon, chow mein, pad thai, or pasta. They are all my regular menu every season, but because it is so hot recently, I’d like to introduce nice cold salad by using other type of noodle: glass noodle!


The clear thin noodle is enjoyable when it goes through your throat, and zesty lime and fish sauce dressing refresh your mind from the scorching heat.


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Tahini and Miso Noodle Soup

Hello everyone, are you ready to see 2018!?


I’d like to thank each and every one of you for coming to my blog. While there are millions of blogs, welcoming you into my blog was given opportunity and I’m so glad having you on each posting:) there are still so many recipes I’d like to try and share, so please come back again!


So. this is the last posting in 2017.

In my culture, we eat soba noodle on the day of new years eve. The reason is they are easy to cut off, so we think soba noodle as the bad things happened on 2017 and we eat them while saying these bad lucks goodbye by biting them up.  


But recently, we started to eat ramen noodle, udon noodle, or other types of noodles instead of soba. People have preference and culture in food and tradition are evolving day by day, so this year I follow new types too!


This tahini and miso noodle soup is thick and rich, spicy but mellow, so I’m sure you can finish 2017 with one of the most delicious taste!


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Tahini and Soy Sauce Noodle Soup

Another recipe by using tahini is available. Yay!

It is winter so of course the weather is super cold in my local. While soup is good, but I wanted to add noodle to make complete meal. With tahini sauce, this is very thick and rich, so it can boost up our energy to survive cold weather. I’d never imagined nutty flavored soup can be that tasty! If you have tahini, this is the one you should try!


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