Curry Udon Soup

I’ve shared the dry curry udon, but for a chilly day, you’d want to eat it with hot soup to warm your body up. Usually if you order curry udon at Japanese restaurant, you’d get the one with this recipe: a hint of bonito stock to make the soup more flavorful.

Curry is everyone’s favorite, and udon noodle is also an awesome food, so why don’t you just give it try once!? I’m sure you’ll be obsessed it 🙂


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Dry Curry Udon

Curry is everyone’s favorite food. Its spiciness encourage people to have another bite, and it is mom’s favorite dinner preparation partner since the cooking direction is super easy as:

  1. Cut everything
  2. Put everything in a pan.
  3. The meal is perfectly ready to serve just in a few minute.   

Usually carbo for curry is either rice or bread, but today, I chose udon noodle to be accompanied by my curry. While many of you like curry for its spiciness, I recommend it with a hint of ricotta cheese for mellow flavor so that even small kids can be fall in love with it.


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