Mint Fried Rice

When I cook thai flavor of fried rice, I usually use basil to give it exotic flavor, but this time I wanted to have more refreshing taste, so I used a bunch of fresh mint.


As summer is here, you may want to escape from heat and be with nice chilling flavor. If you feel like Asian food today, let’s check it out! 😀

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Grated Nagaimo Rice (Tororo Gohan)

Since summer is around the corner, our body should be ready for burning day. In my home country, nagaimo is one of the best food to fight heat.


In my home country’s summer, the amount of food people eat decrease because the humidity and the temperature rob our power. But nagaimo has power to digest food efficiently, it is considered as the best helper to survive scorching summer.


When you grate nagaimo, it become very slimy. In Japanese, we use toro or toro-toro or similar word to describe slimy texture stuff, so most of food with grated nagaimo is called tororo. When you buy nagaimo from the store, it may be gigantic. In fact, mine was over a yard size and it was the smallest one. I asked people who work at the store, but it was the tiniest one they could find, so I took home the one named tiniest-in-giant-world.

I used to love playing with slime when I was a kid, but looks like I love slimy food as well. So anyway, try this and stay healthy. Don’t lose summer!


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Grilled Rice Ball

I bought a huge bag of short grain rice the other day, so I let my dinner buddy bring some rice ball lately. When we had brown rice, it doesn’t stick together so it was impossible to make rice ball, so my dinner buddy seems enjoying new recipe of lunch box, rice ball.


When I gave him rice ball with bonito flakes, sour plum, sesame seeds, looks like my signature recipe for rice ball had been running out. Well, maybe there are some more, but makeable with half asleep, I think that’s it.


He doesn’t complain, but I wanted to give a twist on my rice balls, so I grilled with soybean sauce flavor(well, yes, I’m still running out of soy sauce.) it is makeable by using soybean paste, miso, but soybean sauce is sweeter so I recommend using it.


Savory soybean flavor of crunchy rice ball. Sounds new to you? Give it a try. Sounds familiar? Your mouth must be watery just hearing grilled rice ball!

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Veggie Stir Fry Red Curry Flavor

There are more than 5 Thai restaurant within a block from my apartment, so when it is peak time for lunch and dinner, out neighbor is filled with nice authentic Thai aroma. When I smell it, I always want to make Thai food. If it is possible for me to be invisible, I’d sneak into the Thai restaurant and watch how they make that tasty food.


But it is impossible today without such an advanced technology, I cooked rice dish by using red curry paste. I didn’t want to make this to be just red curry, so I used coconut oil and soy milk mixture to save my precious coconut milk can. (I know, I’m so stingy!:P) But it came out great, so if you are craving Thai flavored rice dish, read through and try this! 🙂


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Shimeji mushroom and Salted Kelp Rice

I wanted to make takikomi Gohan so much the other day, but I couldn’t because I was running out of soy sauce.


Running out of soy sauce. You hear me?


As I grew up in Asian country, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine are the must haves when cooking.


But I did. Why? Because I was waiting for my favorite brand of soy sauce to be on sale! It was so unfortunate for that they stay regular price for such a long time…Now I regret why I didn’t buy it when it was on sale few months ago.  


So anyway, going back to takikomi Gohan story, I made it by using other ingredients: salted kelp!


I thought it would be lack of taste somehow, but it actually turned out great!

This is vegan recipe, so if you are trying to be a vegan, let’s try it!


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