Garbanzo Bean Salad Sandwich

Hello there, how are you? 😀


I went to trader joe’s today, and found great bagel. It’s called pretzel bagel!!


When I was working in Downtown LA, I used metro and there was a pretzel store on the corner. They always shared free tasty buttery aroma and sometimes giving away pretzel, so as soon as I saw the package of pretzel bagel, it was on my shopping cart.


My dinner buddy needed lunch next day, so I created bagel sandwiches.


Garbanzo bean salad was awesome by just being itself, but loading up to the bagel made the sandwich perfect one!   


Do you want a sandwich? Then just continue reading my today’s posting!  


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Zesty Pico De Gallo

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new posting!


When I cook some mexican food, I always have pico de gallo on side.

I’m not so big fan of raw, fresh but a little sour tomato, but to make my mexican food perfect, this is the one I can’t miss.


There are so many kinds of salsa sauce like pico de gallo, soupy version of tomato salsa, spicy version of tomato salsa, and green one, salsa verde!

(Well, I know they all must have specific name but I only know few…what a shame!)


Anyways, Mexican food and I don’t have such long history. There were no opportunity for me to taste it because of lack of mexican food ingredients in my country. When I tried for the first time, It was good but it made my stomach too full(not mention the amount I consume), it had been ended up I seldom chose mexican food as my meal.


But. Things has been changed. I found several good mexican restaurant in my neighbor, and I fell in love for its awesome taste, cheesy and refreshing corn tortilla or flour tortilla, and a little splash of lime juiced salsa combination always remind me why I fell in love with the food.


So today, I’d like to share with you all how I make my favorite pico de gallo. The harmony of chunky fresh sweet and sour tomato with zesty lime juice and herbal aroma of cilantro let you fall in love with Mexican food today.

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Zesty Soybean and Dill Salad

Hi there, thank you for checking my new posting!


Do you buy dried bean or canned bean?


Well, Tanooki usually buy canned beans, but sometimes the other version of me whispers,


“Hey, are you kidding? Buying dried beans can save several % of cost. You can just boil them and you have more beans on your hand!! More beans, pay less. Now, return the canned bean on the shelf and go to the dried bean aisle!”


After huge debate on my mind, I have dried soy bean on my hand.


3 lbs.


So so so big bag of soybean while I never cooked soybean as bean shape.


Now, I need to find some recipe to cook this guy and tried making salad.

Using dill was also my first time and ended up making awesome salad.

A little crunchy soybean with zesty dressing with a hint of dill was great side dish for any cuisine, so you should try one too!   
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Soy Bean Salad

Hello hello, hello! Welcome to my new posting!


I love cooking with tofu, which is the rich source of protein.

But looking back my cooking history, I realized I had never cooked food by using true soybeans, all were food by using tofu, soy sauce, or soy milk.

I found a big bag of soybean the other day at store, so I bring it back to my house and try cooking with them.


This is my first recipe I used soybean as bean shape.


I put mayo on a little Japanese fusion (wasabi :P) so this bean salad will be the great company for your Japanese dish too!

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Potato Salad in Tomato Cup

Potato salad has a huge fan. Its creamy, sweet and smooth potato texture and taste catch and hold people’s stomach and become one of the most popular salad menu.

Potato salad appears on my dinner table often, but I wanted to celebrate summer harvest with summer veggie, tomato. And I’m satisfied to make the dish tasty and also, cute. The dish add a little sour into salad, and it dues is refreshing salad for hot summer day!

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