Tahini Dressing

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Frankly speaking, I’m eager to try new food and new recipe around the world, but at the same time, I’m a little bit afraid of ending up just wasting ingredients that I used for the new recipe.


One of the perfect ingredients is tahini. I bought it at local market because I wanted to try making hummus. My homemade hummus came out very good and this is the regular recipe today, but except hummus, I have no idea what to make by using it, and what I have on my fridge? Almost fully remained tahini in a big jar (I tried to find small one but it was just one size.)


This happens sometime especially I tried recipe from non-Asian cuisine. Since I don’t know a variety of method to use it, this poor little guy will end up being thrown away in worst scenario.

But, I don’t want this to be happen to me, so I mix it with some Asian ingredients and made dressing.


Savory and nutty tahini dressing came out just right with leafy salad, so please try if you have tahini on your fridge!


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Green Bean Salad

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Green bean was on sale at my local store the other day, so I bought a huge bag of them. After I cooked them by using garlic and pepper, there was still some left over waiting to be cooked another food.


Cooking another garlic stir fry was also great idea, but I wanted to try different thing keeping me exploring food recipe, so I’ve decided to cook salad.


This is another super easy and simple recipe consisted of: cook veggie, season veggie, toss veggie, just 3 steps! If you want one more dish to make your meal perfect, try this!


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Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!

After I tried cooking butternut squash soup and realized it had very similar taste to pumpkin, I wanted to make salad by using it.

Pumpkin salad is also great, but I’m a little worried about using pumpkin because it has so hard skin, so I needed microwave to cut proper size, but I haven’t bought one since my move to new place. (It’s been already half year though!)

And my cooking experiment came out great. The creamy texture and sweetness of butternut squash gave me a wonderful side dish to my meal, so if you are bored one of the most popular dish of butternut squash, (the soup,) this is the one you should try 😀


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Garbanzo Bean Salad Sandwich

Hello there, how are you? 😀


I went to trader joe’s today, and found great bagel. It’s called pretzel bagel!!


When I was working in Downtown LA, I used metro and there was a pretzel store on the corner. They always shared free tasty buttery aroma and sometimes giving away pretzel, so as soon as I saw the package of pretzel bagel, it was on my shopping cart.


My dinner buddy needed lunch next day, so I created bagel sandwiches.


Garbanzo bean salad was awesome by just being itself, but loading up to the bagel made the sandwich perfect one!   


Do you want a sandwich? Then just continue reading my today’s posting!  


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Zesty Pico De Gallo

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new posting!


When I cook some mexican food, I always have pico de gallo on side.

I’m not so big fan of raw, fresh but a little sour tomato, but to make my mexican food perfect, this is the one I can’t miss.


There are so many kinds of salsa sauce like pico de gallo, soupy version of tomato salsa, spicy version of tomato salsa, and green one, salsa verde!

(Well, I know they all must have specific name but I only know few…what a shame!)


Anyways, Mexican food and I don’t have such long history. There were no opportunity for me to taste it because of lack of mexican food ingredients in my country. When I tried for the first time, It was good but it made my stomach too full(not mention the amount I consume), it had been ended up I seldom chose mexican food as my meal.


But. Things has been changed. I found several good mexican restaurant in my neighbor, and I fell in love for its awesome taste, cheesy and refreshing corn tortilla or flour tortilla, and a little splash of lime juiced salsa combination always remind me why I fell in love with the food.


So today, I’d like to share with you all how I make my favorite pico de gallo. The harmony of chunky fresh sweet and sour tomato with zesty lime juice and herbal aroma of cilantro let you fall in love with Mexican food today.

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