Wafu(Japanese Fusion) Salad Dressing

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Easy salad dressing recipe that are tasty again!

If your main dish is Japanese/Asian cuisine, you want to match dressing to be the same as your main dish too, right? This sour and savory salad dressing with refreshing onion chunks are the perfect! In fact, I could finish a huge bowl of salad and was going to have second helping!


Running out salad dressing or looking for some good salad dressing? Here, this is the one!


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Tofu and Avocado Salad

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Tofu and avocado. Are they sharing similar traits?


Well, they both have soft, mellow, creamy texture and they are attracting people all the time.


What if I combine them with crispy cucumber and zesty sauce?


The answer is…the best salad ever!!


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Wasabi Dressing

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I love wasabi! The hot paste gives accent on food and without that Mr. green-paste, my food would fail to appeal my appetite and satisfaction.


I know there are so many people who are like me. It used to be a little green paste just for sushi, but now it appears on chips, dips, chocolate…and it is expanding!  


There are a variety of salad dressing with wasabi, and today I’d like to share my homemade wasabi dressing.


If you especially have an avocado, your salad dressing should be this one!


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Bean Sprouts and Cucumber Salad

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Another tasty salad recipe by using bean sprouts!

I’ve made some namul, but I wanted to try different thing today.


It is still salad, but this one has more sour flavor. Bean sprouts are very reasonable, so let’s make a lot and eat them all! Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your financial situation too! 😛


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Blue Cheese Dressing

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Blue cheese. Do you like it?


When I first got to know about blue cheese, I thought it’s “ew” because the blue color comes from mold. My mom said blue cheese also have unique special taste, so she didn’t know if I can make a great relationship with it.


And now. Thankfully we have such a great relationship. The special flavor gives a great accent and twist on simple dish, so blue cheese is sometimes on my shopping list.


The creamy thick dressing with crispy lettuce, mellow tomato, and even with crunchy french fries? Mmm, I guess I should call it the king of dressing!


I thought it’s difficult to make blue cheese dressing, but it wasn’t, actually. You got nice and fresh salad? Oh, and crunchy french fries too? Now, follow me to have nice blue cheese dressing!

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