Flower Field Salad

My neighbor loves flowers.

When I was in LA, I could easily see palm tree but not so much of flowers, so finding new flowers and plants while walking is my favorite moment living in this area.

Do you think it would be interesting to bring them in your dinner plate, don’t you?

I love seeing surprising face on my dinner buddy, so let’s try it out 😀

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Lotus Root Salad

Lotus root is cute. It has unique shape with a bunch of holes. So even if you cook a simple salad, it can be special dish to make your table gorgeous.

Here is another Japanese fusion salad using lotus root and salted kombu.

If you bring it to july 4th potluck, it will be the center of attention and conversation for its beauty and crispy taste!


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Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is new ingredient for me. My friend recommended to eat it for its richness of protein, but I didn’t know what I can cook and what kind of taste they have. He said I can substitute rice with quinoa, and sure they are, the grain’s natural sweetness and way of cooking is very similar to rice.

When I cooked quinoa salad for the first time, I had sensational moment for its deliciousness. It had sweet taste from quinoa and beans, and freshness from veggies and herbal, refreshing aroma from parsley. And after finish eating, it gave the important lesson of :

  1. Always bring a small mirror so that you can check something isn’t playing hide and seek inside of your mouth.
  2. Always bring toothbrush so that you can prevent awkward moment when your friend/colleague/boss found something is still on your mouth.

Cooking with something new ingredients always gives you joy and takes you to the new world of taste, so try it if you haven’t tried cooking quinoa salad 🙂


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Garbanzo Salad

All you need is cut & toss.

Doesn’t it sound so great when you survived so busy day and finally got home?

This is why I like salad not only the taste but also its simple cooking direction.

I had pretty busy day today(for chasing after butterfly) and end up cooking simple but delicious salad, so I’d like to share with it everyone.

Again, all you need is chop and toss!

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