Walnut Milk Cookie

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Cookies. That’s what everyone likes as snack. Crunchy and crispy one is fun munching it, and soft one is the endless munching without aching jaw, isn’t it!?


So, today’s recipe is cookie. Usually I use ordinal sugar but today’s one I used condensed milk. Deep rich creamy sweet taste with crunchy walnuts made me munching unstoppable!


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Easy Sweet Dessert! Banana Pudding

Have you tried my caramel banana pudding?


If you’ve already tried, I hope you liked it. For those who haven’t tried it, I’d like to introduce easier version of pudding with lesser ingredients.

The ingredients would be already in your ref, so you don’t have to go to grocery. As tasty as my caramel banana pudding, easier, lesser ingredients of banana pudding. They want to accompany to your afternoon tea, dessert, or snack, so let’s try it!  


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Taro Pudding

Let’s make some dessert by using beverage mix!


Taro latte is now my favorite drink at my home right now, especially around afternoon on weekend, but looks like I should use it for other recipe because restaurant-only product is so huge and I don’t wanna waste it in this 10 years, or 20 years to finish whole package? 😛


I can try making cakes, but since I consume a lot of carb lately, I think I should try different.


I saw taro pudding in Asian restaurant but I couldn’t reach it because I was too full at that time, so today is the day to try it, plus, it’s handmade!


If you want to put a twist on your dessert and have restaurant-only beverage mix, you should make it too!


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Great with Cake! Cranberry Apple Jam

On my moving day, I found a bag of “used-to-be-so-crispy-and-fresh” cranberry on very back side of ref. It looked still great although some of them had winkle, so I’ve decided to make them up in fancy way: fruits jam!!


A little sour fruits always turns out great in jam, so cranberries adding up a little granny smith is the perfect combination for creating jam!


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