Dried Fruits Cake

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I miss last holiday…is that because it was nice white holiday on my neighbor? Or just I had such a great dessert followed by awesome feast?


Dried fruits cake is symbol for holiday, especially on Christmas. Inside of fluffy cake, there is a variety of fruits with hint of rum. You thought you’d have just a slice of them, but think you will have another one while you are working on the first half.


Are you missing holiday snack AKA dried fruits cake? Well, let’s make cake to feel nice holiday!


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Orange Peel

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Today’s posting is orange, orange, and orange everywhere! But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it with cheering up your feeling just by looking at orange color of what I made of the item that you usually just throwing away.

Tanooki is such a stingy animal…so when I’m throwing away veggie/fruits peel, I really hope I could save all of them and eat it.


After I found out orange peels are perfect one to make my dream come true. It is time consuming, but I can’t wait to make some cake, scone, or cookies by using them!


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Orange Cranberry Apple Cake

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Before I was making this cake, I wanted to have cake with lots of lots of chunky fruits. Plain fluffy cake is also good, but finding big chunk make me feel as if I found a gold on mountain.

And…when I was on direction 5, adding flour, I thought I’m going to fail cooking cake. Seems like I added too much fruits, so I almost knead the dough that risks the dough not to expand to be fluffy cake. So I thought I will see flat one when I opened oven, but looked like my cake survived, with lots of chunky fruits.:D

If you are bored with plain fluffy cake, let’s try making it:D


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Cranberry Cookie

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I’ve made cakes, muffins, scones…so now is the time to make some cookie?

This is winter, so outside (even inside!) is super cold. But, we have delicious fruits that ripe in such cold season: cranberries! Although we have dried cranberries year round with reasonable price, but if the fruit is in season, why don’t we just use it and enjoy it?


Milky flavor with sourly cranberry cookie. Do you want to invite this little guy to your afternoon tea?


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Zucchini Bread

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Veggie in cake. Can you believe these combination?

I couldn’t until I read a chick lit book and the guy in the story loved homemade zucchini bread. (I was expecting to get some nice and cheesy love story on that, but I got another food idea I wanted to make…:P)

It came out great, honestly. I’d never thought veggie could get along with sweets that much.

Do you doubt me? You don’t after you try it! 😀


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