Thai Red Curry

Everyone likes “curry.”

Well, even though curry is the signature food from India, we have to clarify what kind of curry we are talking about.

There is Indian curry, Japanese curry, Thai curry…all of them has its special twist of taste to make the dish special, and they all attract people from around the world.

The spicy but mellow sauce made with the combination of variety of  herbs and spices make sophisticated taste, and sweet cream worked perfectly to be the bridge of sweetness and vivid but not as aggressive spiciness.

Especially curry with coconut milk can take my mind to southern paradise, so the recipe of today is: Thai Red Curry!!


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Eggplant Basil Bowl ~ Gapao ~

Fresh basil and I don’t have long history.

My local grocery store in my hometown only had dried basil, so when I think about dish with basil, I could only think about pesto spaghetti.  

But since I moved to California, I could easily get fresh basil reasonably both as in package or as a plant. As a result, my cooking repertoire dramatically expand.

One of the most popular dishes with basil on my dining table is Gapao, since its savory sourness and herbal aroma of basil make perfect harmony in my mouth.

Do you have basil that started to dry or have black spot? Then this is the dish you should make right away to save your basil!


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Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

Papaya is new produce to me.  

My local grocery store in my hometown didn’t have one, and my whole family never had papaya as a part of ingredient for their meal, so simply I just didn’t have opportunity to try it. 

Later on, I met papaya in Asian grocery store in California, but still it wasn’t on my shopping list since I never knew what papaya tasted like. So papaya had been just a piece of green stranger to me for a long time.  

Now, I regret why I didn’t try it sooner.

With green papaya, we can make Som Tam (green papaya salad in Thai language) for refreshing side dish especially with thick sauce of Thai curry. Also, the direction of making the salad is super easy, so you can make it within 5 min including shredding time for carrots and green papaya!


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