Veggie Rice Bowl with Gochujang Sauce

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Eating healthy food is what everyone wants for meal time. Eating unhealthy food can sometimes let us feel we are destroying stress, but it’s only applied for some special occasion. We want to stay healthy!


So, if you got some fresh veggies, why don’t you grill them and pour some special sauce over rice!? This rice bowl recipe, the veggies are cut in huge chunk and the sauce’s sweet and sour flavor from gochujang can boost up your appetite!


Do you want some fuel to stay healthy? Here you go!



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Yukari Furikake(Sour plum Flavor Rice Topping) and Mushroom Pasta

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I love pasta with mushroom! I add some of them whatever the sauce is. I wanted to create something new. I’ve bought yukari, sour plum flavored furikake the other day, so I combined them to make Asian flavored pasta with mushrooms!


Sourly yukari with savory mushroom matched so nice, so let’s cook it if you are interested in my yukari mushroom pasta! 😀


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Wafu(Japanese Fusion) Salad Dressing

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Easy salad dressing recipe that are tasty again!

If your main dish is Japanese/Asian cuisine, you want to match dressing to be the same as your main dish too, right? This sour and savory salad dressing with refreshing onion chunks are the perfect! In fact, I could finish a huge bowl of salad and was going to have second helping!


Running out salad dressing or looking for some good salad dressing? Here, this is the one!


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Avocado Dip

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Woo hoo! One of my favorite veggies, avocado recipe! This one is good for party, potluck, picnic, or your private little indulging moment partner. Your favorite snack (chips, veggie sticks etc) will be grade up with zesty creamy avocado.


In less than 5 min, your door to tasty-wonderland will open:D


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