Banana & Strawberry French Toast

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

What’s the best way to start weekend?

Curling up inside of warm bed and wake up late? Of course!

Taking nice long hot shower to refresh your brain? Yes!

Drinking nice hot drink to warm up your stomach? Umm, nice!

Eating something delicious to comfort your empty tammy? Awesome!

Then, why don’t you continue to read the best way to start with your precious weekend brunch: French Toast!

Crispy crust and fluffy sweet french toast with loaded variety of fruits is definitely make your entire weekend special for its beauty of plate and nutritional, delicious food!


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Happy Anniversary Caprese Salad

If it is a special day for two of you, you might wanna go to some fancy restaurant.

But think about it.

  • Decide what restaurant you guys will go
  • Make a reservation
  • Wonder what clothes you will wear
  • Hover around walk-in closet to find matched purse
  • Putting make up (for ladies)
  • Shaving for fresh clean face / set nice mustache (for gentlemen)

Etc, etc…

Umm,,, a lot of work to do, huh?

If you think the same as me, it is also good to celebrate your special day for one of the most comfortable space: home!!

Just ordinal salad can be the special one. All you need is just give it a little work.


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