Baked Apple Pie

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Thanksgiving is almost there.
Are you planning to spend it with family or friend? Or spend all by yourself to indulge? In either way, some sweet, crispy pie to make your special time gorgeous is needed, right?


Today’s recipe to share all of you is traditional and perfect for holiday.


Crispy pie crust wrap up warm sweet apples…ummm, by thinking about the image of it, that makes my mouth watery!

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Berry Tart

Hello everyone! It’s getting colder and colder everyday, but how are you doing?


As I told you yesterday, today I’m going to share what I made with tart crust and custard cream.


Basically you already have bases to make yummy tart, so today’s your important role is being an artist. There is no right or wrong answer for you to be what kind of decoration you will make. So have confident on your creativity and enjoy.


My creation was by using blackberries and raspberries. One of the most popular fruits to make tart/pie! But you can choose apples, peaches, pears…thousands of choices. This holiday season is AKA baking season, so try as much as you can and find your favorite tart!


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Banana & Strawberry French Toast

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


What’s the best way to start weekend?


Curling up inside of warm bed and wake up late? Of course!

Taking nice long hot shower to refresh your brain? Yes!

Drinking nice hot drink to warm up your stomach? Umm, nice!

Eating something delicious to comfort your empty tammy? Awesome!


Then, why don’t you continue to read the best way to start with your precious weekend brunch: French Toast!


Crispy crust and fluffy sweet french toast with loaded variety of fruits is definitely make your entire weekend special for its beauty of plate and nutritional, delicious food!


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Cheesy Sticky Bread Balls

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!


Bread for me was the product to buy at store, not home making goods.


But, sometimes we need exception.

Who wants to go grocery shopping when it is rain and cold outside?

Who wants to go to store just for a loaf of bread, knowing if you go, you’d spend much more $$$ than you’ve expected?


Ummm…. Maybe no, huh?


Long story short, this is why I made this little cheesy guy.


Just combine all ingredients and bake, then, tada-!!


You have a bunch of tasty sticky small cheese balls that is perfect for tomorrow’s breakfast/brunch or even for snack.


Sounds like dreaming, right? Just continue reading and make it To-Do-list for tomorrow!
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Easy Version Japanese Pancake Sandwich

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I had leftover red bean paste and some strawberries, but wanted to try different rather than mochi.


When I went to asian grocery store, I saw some small red bean pancake and it looked delicious. At that time I didn’t buy it but now I want it and I also have ingredients to make it on my own, so I’ve decided to cook it as my snack.


The Japanese version pancake need more ingredients, but I needed right away to make my stomach calm, I used it pancake mix that can be obtained easily at my local store.


I added some strawberries, so they are of course delicious and looks cute!


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