Walnut Milk Cookie

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Cookies. That’s what everyone likes as snack. Crunchy and crispy one is fun munching it, and soft one is the endless munching without aching jaw, isn’t it!?


So, today’s recipe is cookie. Usually I use ordinal sugar but today’s one I used condensed milk. Deep rich creamy sweet taste with crunchy walnuts made me munching unstoppable!



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Easy Sweet Dessert! Banana Pudding

Have you tried my caramel banana pudding?


If you’ve already tried, I hope you liked it. For those who haven’t tried it, I’d like to introduce easier version of pudding with lesser ingredients.

The ingredients would be already in your ref, so you don’t have to go to grocery. As tasty as my caramel banana pudding, easier, lesser ingredients of banana pudding. They want to accompany to your afternoon tea, dessert, or snack, so let’s try it!  


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Steamed Cheesecake

What is the people’s most favorite cake?


Well, I bet there would be quite huge debate happen on this topic, but I’m on the cheesecake side. The classy one will be creamy and rich texture and flavor, and it can fill your stomach up with just a slice of it. It is their pro, but sometimes it could be con because it annoys people who pursuit quantity over quality. Well, lucky me I haven’t experienced bad cheesecake yet in my entire life, so it always annoys me that my stomach becomes full with just thin (to me) slice of it.


NY cheesecake with raspberry sauce.


Baked cheesecake with caramel sauce.


Non-baked cheesecake with oreo crumbs.


Souffle cheesecake with fresh berry medley.


By the way, they all comes with a mountain of whipped cream on side.


Now, I bet you now want to have nice creamy cheesecake so you grab your phone to check if there is any availability to make reservation tonight at Cheesecake Factory;)


But wait a sec, isn’t it good idea to cook your own, different kind of cheesecake to explore the new world of taste?

If you cook your own, you’ll know what is inside on it and you can choose whatever you want to add up to make your special cheesecake. You don’t need to worry about spending so much time in front of cake shelf to choose which one you’d have, or tipping to your waitress(for those who was bad at math class like me ;P) Now, let’s cook nice cheesecake on your own!


This cheesecake is slightly not the same as general cheesecake. It is steamed one, so more fluffy but has rich flavor of cheese like ordinal one. It has stronger texture, so it is perfect for your breakfast too, so let’s enjoy cooking and busy day to start with jewel!  


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Sweet Potato Cake

I can’t believe that sweet potatoes are now one of my favorite food.

When I was a child, sweet potatoes are the one I used to avoid. The reason was the sweetness from the sweet potatoes itself  was too weird for me.

But today, the natural sweetness is ideal for baking cakes, allowing me to reduce the amount I need to put on my cake batter. Also flavor of it is unique and it makes my tummy full faster than other snacks.

I already introduced some of the recipe that uses sweet potato for baking, but this is also the one you shouldn’t miss it! 😀


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Dried Fruits Cake

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I miss last holiday…is that because it was nice white holiday on my neighbor? Or just I had such a great dessert followed by awesome feast?


Dried fruits cake is symbol for holiday, especially on Christmas. Inside of fluffy cake, there is a variety of fruits with hint of rum. You thought you’d have just a slice of them, but think you will have another one while you are working on the first half.


Are you missing holiday snack AKA dried fruits cake? Well, let’s make cake to feel nice holiday!


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