Banana Coffee Cake

The grocery store in my neighbor was holding closing event, so the whole store was on big sale. I’m more like tea person so I don’t drink coffee that much, say, like a cup in once a month, but when I found instant coffee on such a big sale, it joined my shopping basket. While it is true that I don’t drink coffee that much, I love coffee smell. The smoky bitter aroma is such a dreaming smell, so I was going to smell it and let my dinner buddy drink it for me.


When I bring it back to home and turned around, my mind caught what my eyes were avoiding.

A bunch of overripe banana.


I knew I needed to eat it as soon as possible, but my mind was saying “banana…again? For sure? Maybe it can wait till tomorrow…” and here they were, the number of overripe banana increased but never decreased.


While I really concern with food waste, but that day, my mind was full of energy so it worked super efficiently, just put them together!


A little bitter but sweet banana cake gave nice relaxing afternoon, so if your eyes caught the same picture of overripe banana, let’s cook it!  



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Easy Sweet Dessert! Banana Pudding

Have you tried my caramel banana pudding?


If you’ve already tried, I hope you liked it. For those who haven’t tried it, I’d like to introduce easier version of pudding with lesser ingredients.

The ingredients would be already in your ref, so you don’t have to go to grocery. As tasty as my caramel banana pudding, easier, lesser ingredients of banana pudding. They want to accompany to your afternoon tea, dessert, or snack, so let’s try it!  


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Caramel Banana Pudding

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Banana needed to be eaten or cooked immediately. They had black spot entire body, but I didn’t feel like just eating it. I’ve made cakes, but I wasn’t feel like cooking it either. I wanted more like creamy, mellow and sweet…pudding? I haven’t made pudding for a long time, so I just cook it and put bananas on it!

When you put it on plate, you’d think they are just tiny little jewelry because they are too beautiful (and of course delicious!!)  


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Chocolate Banana Cake

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Q. What happens when banana and chocolate meet?

A. It’s a party time!!

I’ve introduced nutty rum cake the other day, but this one is more beautiful and delicious! Fluffy cake with a hint of rum with crunchy nuts is already good enough, but fluffy banana flavored cake with crunchy almond and sweet chocolate chip give more interesting texture, so for your special tea time, this is the one you should welcome!

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