Mushroom Packet with Buttery Ponzu Sauce

When I was in LA, I used to go to beach every summer, but after moving to far North, I don’t have chance to have BBQ on beach yet (or is there any beach in my local area? I see some lake but they are all occupied by ducks…)

Anyways, since I’m so obsessed to BBQ but my dinner buddy would not accept to eat meat, so I’d like to share BBQ dish by using mushroom!

For those who have a plan going to BBQ, take note on this recipe to make your dish full of treasure!!

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Buttery Garlic Soy Pasta

BBQ on beachside. That’s what you can do to have fun in summer vacation.

Tanooki is on ordinal day but really want my ideal summer vacation right now. So I made my meal to have a pinch of my ultimate best scene of summer vacation – BBQ on Beachside!

But I shouldn’t make my house burning, so I put one of my favorite BBQ sauce – butter and soy sauce! To make my sauce more rich and savory, I added garlic.


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