Buttery Pasta with Wasabi Avocado Topping

Have you tried my avocado pasta recipe?

I hope you liked it, and if you are looking for another version of it, here you go!

The last one was zesty lime and mellow cheese flavor of avocado was mixed with pasta, but this time, the dish is the mixture of Western Asian flavor. May I call it “pasta the world”? 😛

The buttery flavored pasta with vivid wasabi and a hint of savory sesame oil avocado topping create wonderful mixture of Western and Asian flavor. Once you bring the first bite, mellow buttery pasta and creamy avocado will spread the love of eating!



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Buttery Snap Peas and mushrooms

Snap peas. It’s on season and look sooo yummy!

It’s good to eat fresh with creamy dip, but sometimes we deserve new different method to enjoy tasty veggie.

Crisp and mellow snap pea in buttery flavor. It must be the best dish to try in spring/early summer!


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Spinach, Mushroom and Sweet Corn Stir Fry with Buttery Soy Sauce

Butter and soy sauce.

This is one of my favorite seasoning combinations in the world. Butter ‘s mild and creamy flavor with a little salty, savory kick attract not only my tongue but also my nose to catch rich aroma.


I remember cooked spinach with sweet corn appeared regularly on my school lunch, but that one was seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper. While it is true that it was tasty enough to be one of the favorite veggie side dish back in my childhood, I wish they cooked it with butter and soy sauce from the beginning, so that it could be the one kids finished eating it immediately and got another serving (Or diner lady cooked them with just sprinkle of salt and pepper on purpose to avoid conflict? :P)


Anyways, I bet everyone would love it because of the flavorful taste. Sure, it has deep green color from the spinach so some kids who don’t like to eat veggies might say NOOOOOOO to eat it. But after just one small bite, kids will turn to change veggie eater for sure 😉



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Crispy Potatoes, Edamame, Corn in Butter Soy Sauce

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


When I was a kid, potatoes are not regular one to appear on my meal. However, after moving to the US, french fries became one of the most popular meal partner, and now, they are still popular one on my meal thanks to my dinner partner and my taste are sharing similar preference.  


They are good with ketchup, ranch dressing, or my special garlic lemony dip, but sometimes I prefer going with lighter sauce.


If you are with me, let’s put flavor by using butter and soy sauce! All you need is just pour a little butter and soy sauce. Only taking this step, you’ll have flavorful crispy potatoes and veggies without dipping into creamy rich sauce.  


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Pasta with Broccoli, Garlic Butter Soy Sauce

Hello Everyone, happy new year! 😀

Did you go to any party on new year eve?  I was cleaning up my kitchen and was going to garbage bin outside of my house, and at the right moment it was new year, I saw huge fire works right in front of me. I immediately called my dinner buddy and could see them together. (In front if garbage bin, though :P)

I was going to introduce the best 10 recipes I’ve made in 2017 today, but I couldn’t decide which one to be on the list…instead, I want to share a recipe as usual 😉

This pasta dish has flavorful sauce with garlic, butter, and soy sauce (my favorite! That’s why I think it’s tasty? :P)



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