Dango with Sweet Red Bean Paste

Hello there, welcome to my new posting! How are you doing today?:)

The fall is finally come.

Tanooki already started to use heater in house. When I was in LA, I’d used a fan during fall because it was still hot enough, so I can’t believe myself using a heater in Sep (and October)!!

I went to grocery shopping to some Chinese market the other day, and they had a variety of mooncake in fancy boxes.  Sure, the Moon Festival is already a past event (this year’s moon festival was Oct 4th. As you can guess, the event was already passed before I knew.)

People who lived in old days worshipped the moon for its beauty, so they offered dango, rice cake dumplings, by window and ate them with looking at the great scenery of the moon.   

From my room, it is a little difficult to see the moon, but I’d like to join the festival in this year.

Well, I know it’s already past event and it’s almost impossible to see the moon, but I want to join. Not just I want to eat dango.

Anyway, today I’d like to share the recipe for dango with red bean paste.  


If you are wearing braces on your teeth or have some filling on your teeth, please consult your dentist if you can eat sticky and chewy dumplings before you try the recipe. I used to wear braces and this kind of food was strictly prohibited since it’s easy to ruin them…

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Happy Anniversary Caprese Salad

If it is a special day for two of you, you might wanna go to some fancy restaurant.

But think about it.

  • Decide what restaurant you guys will go
  • Make a reservation
  • Wonder what clothes you will wear
  • Hover around walk-in closet to find matched purse
  • Putting make up (for ladies)
  • Shaving for fresh clean face / set nice mustache (for gentlemen)

Etc, etc…

Umm,,, a lot of work to do, huh?

If you think the same as me, it is also good to celebrate your special day for one of the most comfortable space: home!!

Just ordinal salad can be the special one. All you need is just give it a little work.


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