Veg Vermicelli Bowl

When I go to Vietnamese restaurant, I always wonder if I should have regular pho or vermicelli bowl. These two are my favorite dish on Vietnamese cuisine, and while it is getting hotter and hotter, I tend to have nice cold food lately.


I’d never tried making vermicelli bowl at my home, so I gave it try making homemade vermicelli bowl the other day. Overall, I satisfied my first-time-homemade-vermicelli-bowl, but I have a little concern, which is, if I had chosen the right kind of vermicelli noodle.


When I went to dried noodle aisle at Vietnamese grocery, the entire aisle had different kind of noodle. Some are egg noodle, some are bean noodle, and some are rice noodle which I’m supposed to use. However, even rice noodle with the package saying they were vermicelli, they were all different for how thick they are. I thought I should ask someone, but everyone looked busy and I was being super shy, so after spending several minutes, I chose one bag of noodle with praying I picked the right one.


It was good enough for making tasty vermicelli bowl after all, but for those who are familiar with Vietnamese food, maybe it looks weird…? Well, I can’t say.


Anyway, here is how I did it! 🙂


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Cucumber Dill Salad

I tried eating dill for the first time with lox. I’m huge lover of salmon, so when I ordered it at some sandwich shop, it happen to help me try eating new herb.


Dill’s fresh aroma and refreshing taste gives vivid twist on lox, and I tend to choose lox at wherever it is available after that.


Now, I’m on no-meat diet but I think I’m still a fan of fresh dill. Thinking for how to eat it, some angel who live in my mind recommended mixing dill with cucumber, crisp and refreshing veggie!


It’s perfect with mediterranean food, so cook it quick and have a perfect meal!


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Onion and Radish Salad

When I was a kid, I never seen red radish at my local store. To me, radish daikon is long, thick white veggie that sometimes used as metaphorical expression for legs (in bad way, btw. It basically used as “hey your leg is as thick as daikon radish! So don’t even think when to use it especially for ladies! 😉 )


Now, I’m so glad red radish is easily available in my local store. This little veggie is so tasty and cute for red and white color, so I can use it as garnish, too!


If you put a little bitter onion and radish together and put ponzu sauce with sprinkle of bonito flake, you’ll say “wow, how come I didn’t try it sooner?”


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Mozuku (Seaweed) with Cucumber, Tomato

Have you noticed you are craving sour food to feel refreshing in this recent heat?


Summer is almost there! The heat is soaking up your energy but you need to be as powerful and healthy as you always are.


For those who are looking for nice healthy food with refreshing taste, I’d recommend mozuku, Cladosiphon okamuranus! (Hey, you are just reading my posting, not entering biology class that makes you suffering, so don’t go away!! ;))


Mozuku can be found in seafood, chilled section in Asian grocery store especially in the store with many Japanese food or ingredients. Usually they have 3 or 4 packs of set they vary flavor depends on what kind of vinegar or citrus they use.


If you tried my last recipe for mozuku, you may already know how easy to cook it is. This one is also easy because you are not adding any other ingredients for sauce. Last one was just with okra but I’d like to introduce small side dish with a little more veggie.


Feeling summer is coming? Let’s try this recipe and stay healthy, powerful, and refreshing!


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Cucumber and Feta Cheese Salad

My recent late night hobby is that checking neighbor restaurant’s food pics on yelp. The time is about 11 pm, around the time that my tummy starts to say

“Hey, I think I need some little late snack to have beautiful sleep. You know there is chips on shelf. Wait, you got chocolate candy on your fridge, how about that!?”
I always say “Shhhh!! I think I can almost feel the taste of the dish while staring at the pic!!” and don’t go to kitchen, but one day, while I was looking at a greek restaurant’s pic, I couldn’t stop thinking about that the next day.


So I ran to get some feta cheese and cucumber the other day and made this tasty salad.


Salty feta and crispy cucumber took me mediterranean ocean right after I got the first bite;) Let’s go to tasty trip with me!!


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