Recycling Pasta Sauce Jar

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!


Another recycling art by Tanooki is here!

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Recycling Mayonnaise Jar

Hello Everyone, welcome to my new posting!


Glass jar, plastic jar, paper box…I guess I’m stingy, so I tend to keep these things and think about what I can do with that.

Recently, I finished mayonnaise and got empty container of that. After spending so much time conducting huge debate if I should throw it away or keep it, I finally decided transforming the jar to fancy container and use it.






Just use a variety of color of lace tape, here it is! Fancy container!

Now it has epsom salt and helped me so much to keep my bathroom organized.


I love cooking because I can transform my entire home fancy by using left over container from kitchen! 😀

Recycling Used Fig Jelly Jar

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!


Omg…my favorite fig jelly is gone…I loved the sweet mellow flavor of fig, so it was one of my favorite menu for breakfast/snack/dessert: greek yogurt with fig jelly…


The size of jar was nice and small, so I wasn’t thinking about throwing it away. Instead of doing that, I did…




transformed to fancy jar!


What I’m gonna put inside of it!? 😀

Recycling Small Glass Jar

Hello Everyone, welcome to my new posting!

I like hot tubbing, so adding epson salt and sea salt is the first step to have nice relaxing time.

And, I was looking for some small container to put sea salt. I could bring it from kitchen each time I need it in bathroom, but I’m lazy, so I was going to put some in small container and keep it in bathroom.

Luckily, I got almost-to-be-thrown-away glass jar the other day from kitchen. Plain glass jar is boring, right? So I transformed it as…



😀 😀 😀

Just adding some ribbon and beads can transform boring to fancy!

I’m glad I got gorgeous glass jar that was recycled! 😀