Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


As many people know already, autumn has come. There are many pumpkin or squash dish lined up in grocery store and almost everyone of the customer has at least one product of that.


Also, there are so many posting appeared on SNS saying, “yay, it’s finally pumpkin season so I made pumpkin cake” or “cooking for one of the best soups in the world in autumn; butternut squash soup!”


And I’m not the exception. The reasons are: 1) Because I have never cooked food with butternut squash while I have cooked pumpkin, so this must be the best opportunity to give it a try. 2) I finally got a food processor so I need to cook something to test drive for my new gadget!


It’s rain season where I live right now, so something can warm up my body is good idea. Also trying basic recipe gives me some idea for what butternut squash is like, so the most popular recipe, soup, is the perfect idea this time!


Slowly roasted butternut squash in a oven has incredibly sweet, and thick and rich soup can comfort your stomach with warming your body up!  


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Okonomiyaki ~ Japanese Savory Pancake

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Today I’m sharing one of the most popular food in Japan, as street food.


The food is called o-ko-no-mi-ya-ki. This is a pancake with a variety of veggies, meats, and sometimes even contain noodles. The sauce is the combination of rich & thick sauce with some mayonnaise, and you’ll see the bonito flakes are dancing on the top of the pancake.


There are 2 regions where okonomiyaki is well known for their local food: Hiroshima and Osaka.

Today I’m sharing Osaka version (mix all ingredients first and then bake. Hiroshima version is baking the cake while piling up ingredients from the bottom to top) since this is easier to cook.


Long story to short, this is pretty tasty and easy to make, so just keep reading and try!  


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Garbanzo Bean Salad Sandwich

Hello there, how are you? 😀


I went to trader joe’s today, and found great bagel. It’s called pretzel bagel!!


When I was working in Downtown LA, I used metro and there was a pretzel store on the corner. They always shared free tasty buttery aroma and sometimes giving away pretzel, so as soon as I saw the package of pretzel bagel, it was on my shopping cart.


My dinner buddy needed lunch next day, so I created bagel sandwiches.


Garbanzo bean salad was awesome by just being itself, but loading up to the bagel made the sandwich perfect one!   


Do you want a sandwich? Then just continue reading my today’s posting!  


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Pan Grilled Yummy Yam Potato

Hello, welcome to my new posting!


I’m tanooki, wondering around what to eat NOW, and what other people eating while I’m eating something 😛


Anyways, I’m so obsessed eating food that is made with potatoes.

French fries, of course, baked potatoes, yeah I’ll have some with some sour cream, and potato salad, can I have it with tomato cup? XD


But sometimes I want to cook my typical recipe by using yam instead of potatoes.

The sweet one can be used as dessert and side dish of savory menu.


This time, I put a pinch of perilla to give it herbal flavor.

If you want a twist on your ordinal recipe, try this!


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Dango with Sweet Soy Sauce (Mitarashi Dango)

Hello there, I’m glad you came to check my new posting!


I introduced red bean paste dango the other day, and you know, I was too tired to cook red beans, so today I want to introduce another version of dango sweets.


Red bean paste dango has rich and thick texture from red bean, but this one is sweet and savory flavor of soy sauce (Again, soy sauce appeared on my recipe! :P)


The dango is called mitarashi-dango, and even though the sauce is rich and thick, this is more like lighter on your stomach.


And most importantly, making the sauce is EASY!!

Just combine all ingredients and 1 min later, you have perfect sauce right away!


If you like sweet but a little bit salty flavor, give it try!

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