Beet Hummus

If you want to have healthy snack, you’ll easily come up with veg sticks and hummus. Regular hummus is already tasty enough, but sometimes you may want to give it a twist and enjoy it.


Are you planning to go picnic in sunny afternoon?

Or are you looking for your food to be cute and fancy?


Then, try using beets and make your hummus pink without using food color!!


When you give it try, you’ll find the food is gone before you know it!!



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Cucumber Dill Salad

I tried eating dill for the first time with lox. I’m huge lover of salmon, so when I ordered it at some sandwich shop, it happen to help me try eating new herb.


Dill’s fresh aroma and refreshing taste gives vivid twist on lox, and I tend to choose lox at wherever it is available after that.


Now, I’m on no-meat diet but I think I’m still a fan of fresh dill. Thinking for how to eat it, some angel who live in my mind recommended mixing dill with cucumber, crisp and refreshing veggie!


It’s perfect with mediterranean food, so cook it quick and have a perfect meal!


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Salsa Verde

Hello everyone, how are you?


I hope you like Mexican food because today’s posting is about one of simplest but most important condiments to accompany tasty Mexican food: Salsa Verde!


While there is huge debate for regular tomato salsa or tomatillo salsa is better, it’s so hard to decide which side I should be. You think so, don’t you? 🙂


The method is super easy if you have food processor, so just let food processor work for you to make delicious green salsa and take your time choosing whether you have quesadilla, tacos, or burrito to accompany this yummy salsa!


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Cheese and Bean Quesadilla

Hello all, it’s first day of June! TIME. FLIES!


When I was in LA, there are at least 2 Mexican food restaurant in a block. Spiced meat and a variety of condiments always made me excited, and I had to spend at least 10 minutes to decide which salsa I should choose to boost up the taste of delicious food.


Now, I live in far north and hardly find authentic Mexican food. It sometimes make me sad, but I should think it’s time to start making Mexican food at home!


As long as we challenge making tasty salsa, you’ll be fine because Mexican food, especially quesadilla is easy to make!


Let’s try now! (Here is my 10 cents, but while you cook Mexican food, you should choose mariachi to boost up atmosphere of being in Mexican food restaurant! )


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