Mediterranean Quiche

Wow. it’s getting hotter and hotter day by day. But since I moved from LA to Seattle, it’s not that bad because it gets cooler every night here in Seattle, so my beautiful sleep is guaranteed every day;)


Since it’s summer, my appetite look for something nice to eat in summer. Eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes seems perfectly ripe, so let’s make greek quiche!


Buttery flavored crispy quiche bottom and savory summer veggies, salty feta’s mellow taste makes your dinner table perfect! 🙂



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Yum Yum Yam Tororo Soba

Have you tried the previous recipe of grated nagaimo rice? If so I hope you liked it and looking for another way to try it!

So I’m introducing nagaimo with soba noodle. This is also popular when eating nagaimo as Tororo soba. If you want to try very Japanese food in both traditional, authentic, or anything you name “experiencing Japan without going to actual place,” try pouring tororo on soba noodle and slurp your noodle with loud sound.

We all know it’s against manner here in the states or other countries in western culture, but with loud sound of slurping, it is considered good manner in Japanese culture. (Although recent young people started not to make loud sound when they eat noodle because western culture of manner is shared widely today. But if you know the traditional Japanese manner, you’ll be welcomed by people from all age!)

Don’t worry, you are not at restaurant since my blog is telling you the method of home cooking;)

Want to share new and a little weird Japanese culture? Just cook tororo soba and slurp it with loudest sound you can make! 🙂



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Eggplant and Enoki in Savory Ponzu Sauce

I bought new bottle of ponzu sauce! Even though soy sauce is sometimes on sale, ponzu is hardly on sale, so as soon as I find it is, it automatically join my shopping basket.


My new version of ponzu has yuzu flavor. I like yuzu flavor but when I was a kid, it hardly appear in front of me, so current situation of me-decide-what-to-buy-at-grocery-store let me choose the unique one.


I was surprised that some people put ponzu on their alcohol and make a special cocktail, but now I regret why I didn’t come up with the idea. Ponzu is THAT great, if you think ponzu cocktail is weird;)


Refreshing ponzu, rich herbal flavor of perilla and savory sesame seed oil. If they meet together on plate, now we claim it as party time!


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Eggplant and Green Bean Stir Fry

Fresh green beans.


In the middle of May, now they are the best season to enjoy! The eggplant I paired up with the green beans looked great, and here we go, tasty veggie stir fry!


Even though eggplant season is a little bit ahead (July – October,) they are on huge sale recently. They have power to reduce heat from our body, so let’s eat up in hot day!


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Thai Flavored Eggplant and Tofu

My neighbor has so many Thai restaurant. They all have authentic Thai dish like pad thai, curries, or tom yum soup, stir fry dish vary on which restaurant you choose. Although they are all great, as I love Thai dish so much, I wanted to make some on my own, so here it is! Thai basil with eggplant and tofu!


Fresh herbal aroma of basil with mellow veggies created the perfect dish, so if you are craving Thai dish, my recipe is here!


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