Eggplant Bowl

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!




No, I’m not acting Ross from Friends. (Is anyone here still a fan of the sitcom? I AM!! :P)


Some of you may think I’m sharing unagi recipe today, but unfortunately I have to let you down because recent unagi price is very high and I’m one of the fans of unagi who can’t afford its price. Every time I saw the fridge section of unagi, I’d almost yell “You must be joking!!”


I used to eat unagi bowl in my home and it was my favorite food, but today it is my enemy. (Well, I should clarify my WALLET’s enemy…)


So I just substitute unagi for eggplant, and eggplant is not unagi, of course, but the dish is definitely taste great.


So let’s hope unagi price goes down someday, and meanwhile let’s cook healthy and reasonable version of rice bowl dish! The sauce is thick and rich, so the rice like plain taste matches great with it!

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Marinated Eggplant

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I think I like to marinate veggies.

When I was a big meat lover, I used to marinate chicken, beef, and pork a lot, but since my dinner buddy decided to be a vegan, I stopped cooking meat (well, I should say cook LESS. sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how tasty a meat can be, so it is impossible to completely change my eating habit.)


So now, I marinate zucchini and variety of veggie to make my food flavorful.

This time, I’d like to share marinated food by using one of my favorite veggie: Eggplant!!


For marinated zucchini, the recipe that I shared you all a while ago, I used balsamic vinegar. But for this one, I used soy sauce, the traditional Japanese ingredients that appears on most of my dish!   


If you want to add a side dish on your asian food, this is the one you should try!


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Veggie Topping for Rice

Hello there! Welcome to my new posting!

Do you wonder how to eat plain rice with rich flavor and nutrition!?

Then, this is the dish you are looking for 😀

Eggplant is on season and if you live in a region where the days are scorcher, you want refreshing food, right?

This dish is served as cold and all you need is just pour them on the warm cooked rice.

In scorcher days, people tend to lose their appetite, but this one can boost up your energy 😀


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Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna

Lasagna is one of my favorite pasta dish. It looks gorgeous with so many layers of tomato sauce and flat, broad noodle. Most importantly, they are covered with a carpet of crispy and melted cheese. Umm, what a gorgeous food!

Before coming to the US, lasagna noodle was not accessible in my hometown, so lasagna was my dream food.

Now, I could get it from my local grocery, but I seldom buy it because I found more healthy version of lasagna.   It is: Zucchini and Eggplant lasagna!


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Shiitake Eggplant with red wine vinegar sauce

Outside was burning as if I was in dessert.

I need to cool down my whole body filled with thick fur, so I’ve decided to seek help from eggplant. I’ve heard that eggplant can reduce body temperature. And the day like today, it is not good idea to cook it with rich and thick sauce like tomato sauce even though it is one of my favorites. Something with refreshing, sour flavor can encourage my appetite(well I don’t have to think about it because I’m already starving enough), so today’s dinner is: shiitake eggplant with red wine vinegar sauce!


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