Mint Fried Rice

When I cook thai flavor of fried rice, I usually use basil to give it exotic flavor, but this time I wanted to have more refreshing taste, so I used a bunch of fresh mint.


As summer is here, you may want to escape from heat and be with nice chilling flavor. If you feel like Asian food today, let’s check it out! 😀

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Coconut Milk Soup

If I and my friends decided to hit Thai restaurant and order some soup, we used to go for tom yum kung. The hot and sour soup always grabbed our attention and we always knew we made the right decision. Meanwhile, I knew there was another soup list of tom ka gai, chicken coconut soup. At that time, I thought it sounded weird because coconut milk was for some Thai curry or more like for dessert.


And, as usual for now, I knew I was wrong.


I tried making it at home because if I didn’t like it, it would be waste and this is what I don’t like to do in any occasion. Also, there is a benefit of choosing what I like to add, learning how to cook new recipe;)


And here it is! It supposed to have some chicken, but as I’m trying to be a vegan (please don’t mention about fish sauce..I don’t know what I can substitute with something vegan yet;P), I used veg soup stock instead and omit chicken from ingredients.


If you have coconut milk waiting to transform nice delicious food, try this! 😀


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Veg Vermicelli Bowl

When I go to Vietnamese restaurant, I always wonder if I should have regular pho or vermicelli bowl. These two are my favorite dish on Vietnamese cuisine, and while it is getting hotter and hotter, I tend to have nice cold food lately.


I’d never tried making vermicelli bowl at my home, so I gave it try making homemade vermicelli bowl the other day. Overall, I satisfied my first-time-homemade-vermicelli-bowl, but I have a little concern, which is, if I had chosen the right kind of vermicelli noodle.


When I went to dried noodle aisle at Vietnamese grocery, the entire aisle had different kind of noodle. Some are egg noodle, some are bean noodle, and some are rice noodle which I’m supposed to use. However, even rice noodle with the package saying they were vermicelli, they were all different for how thick they are. I thought I should ask someone, but everyone looked busy and I was being super shy, so after spending several minutes, I chose one bag of noodle with praying I picked the right one.


It was good enough for making tasty vermicelli bowl after all, but for those who are familiar with Vietnamese food, maybe it looks weird…? Well, I can’t say.


Anyway, here is how I did it! 🙂


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Ground Tofu with Mint Sauce

I saw fresh and beautiful mint leaves in my local store, and my mind are stuck to think about this dish. Usually I use basil for my herb to create tasty dish, but this mint looked so perfect to be on my dinner plate, so here it is!


With a complex of herbs and Asian must have sauce, plain tofu and veggies are magically turn to tasty dish. Even though the ingredients are more than my usual recipe, just give it a try and you won’t regret it!

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Veggie Stir Fry Red Curry Flavor

There are more than 5 Thai restaurant within a block from my apartment, so when it is peak time for lunch and dinner, out neighbor is filled with nice authentic Thai aroma. When I smell it, I always want to make Thai food. If it is possible for me to be invisible, I’d sneak into the Thai restaurant and watch how they make that tasty food.


But it is impossible today without such an advanced technology, I cooked rice dish by using red curry paste. I didn’t want to make this to be just red curry, so I used coconut oil and soy milk mixture to save my precious coconut milk can. (I know, I’m so stingy!:P) But it came out great, so if you are craving Thai flavored rice dish, read through and try this! 🙂


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