Thai Style Glass Noodle Salad

Do you like noodle? How about salad?


If you check both question to YES, I’d recommend you to try this Thai flavored glass noodle salad. Me as a noodle lover, I grab a variety of noodle to enjoy tasty food like udon, chow mein, pad thai, or pasta. They are all my regular menu every season, but because it is so hot recently, I’d like to introduce nice cold salad by using other type of noodle: glass noodle!


The clear thin noodle is enjoyable when it goes through your throat, and zesty lime and fish sauce dressing refresh your mind from the scorching heat.


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Leek and Egg Glass Noodle

I love cooking, but cooking food from scratch is hard especially working full time.

I usually post recipes that cook from scratch (even pie crust! :P.)

But today, I’d like to share recipe using popular sauce that can be easily obtained from local grocery market.

The magical ingredient is: Soyaki sauce!

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Okra Glass Noodle Salad

Summer is good season with so much of sunshine.

When I was in CA, it was always burning for heat and sometimes it was too difficult to sleep. Now I moved to northern area and the heat is not that hard, but still the food is one of my signature dish during summer.

Nice cold okra and glass noodle soaked in refreshing sour dressing, your appetite will keep staying tune even in hot day.  

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