Burdock in Soy Flavor (Kinpira)

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I’ve introduced lotus roots in soy flavor, kinpira, but do you know this is also good with burdock?


Well, I should say kinpira made with burdock is more popular than the one with lotus roots.


In fact, my first experience with kinpira was the one with burdock. When I first tried kinpira with burdock, I was surprised with burdock could be such flavorful. When you bite, the flavor became stronger and stronger, and I fell in love with crunchy texture as well!


The looks is not cute like other veggies because burdock looks just like a branch, but since gobo is high in fiber, I recommend you cook this tasty recipe especially when your tummy don’t feel well;)

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Wafu(Japanese Fusion) Salad Dressing

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Easy salad dressing recipe that are tasty again!

If your main dish is Japanese/Asian cuisine, you want to match dressing to be the same as your main dish too, right? This sour and savory salad dressing with refreshing onion chunks are the perfect! In fact, I could finish a huge bowl of salad and was going to have second helping!


Running out salad dressing or looking for some good salad dressing? Here, this is the one!


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Japanese Style Curry Rice

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I was complaining about using heater in Sep the other day, which I never did when I was in LA. But now, I again realized I have moved to far North because it was snowy the other day.




I haven’t seen it for years. No wonder it was super cold even though I curled up in bed. Some say if it is snow, that day is actually warmer than other cold day, but I would never want to feel that. All I want to say is: where is my sunshine and ocean with white sand!?


Anyways, for those cold day, people (ad Tanooki) need nice warm dish to stay comfortable. But recently I feel just warm dish is not enough. Something spicy is so much appreciated.


And now, I realized I haven’t written about Japanese traditional curry, which is the most familiar type of curry for me.


For the ingredients, some people would face difficult situation because I don’t know the japanese curry mix is available in your local. But if you can, you will have another great meal time for sure because this is one of the most popular food in Japan just like ramen!

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Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

Hello everyone, welcome to my new posting!


The small, cute vivid red fruit always attract everyone in both looks and taste. A little sour one can give a nice refreshing sensation on your mouth when you are having sweet snack like ice cream, whipped cream, or milk shake.

Then, what will happen when a strawberry meet red bean paste?

Not quite for this, although this is also very well.


Strawberry daifuku mochi. I really respect the person who invented this little guy.

Sweet and rich red bean paste wrapped with thin mochi skin is already nice combination, but when you get one bite, you found cute red treasure; strawberry!

Literally I couldn’t stop having another one, so I hope you enjoy cooking this and tasting this too 😀


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Easy Version Japanese Pancake Sandwich

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I had leftover red bean paste and some strawberries, but wanted to try different rather than mochi.


When I went to asian grocery store, I saw some small red bean pancake and it looked delicious. At that time I didn’t buy it but now I want it and I also have ingredients to make it on my own, so I’ve decided to cook it as my snack.


The Japanese version pancake need more ingredients, but I needed right away to make my stomach calm, I used it pancake mix that can be obtained easily at my local store.


I added some strawberries, so they are of course delicious and looks cute!


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