Okonomiyaki ~ Japanese Savory Pancake

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Today I’m sharing one of the most popular food in Japan, as street food.


The food is called o-ko-no-mi-ya-ki. This is a pancake with a variety of veggies, meats, and sometimes even contain noodles. The sauce is the combination of rich & thick sauce with some mayonnaise, and you’ll see the bonito flakes are dancing on the top of the pancake.


There are 2 regions where okonomiyaki is well known for their local food: Hiroshima and Osaka.

Today I’m sharing Osaka version (mix all ingredients first and then bake. Hiroshima version is baking the cake while piling up ingredients from the bottom to top) since this is easier to cook.


Long story to short, this is pretty tasty and easy to make, so just keep reading and try!  


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Veggie Topping for Rice

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Do you wonder how to eat plain rice with rich flavor and nutrition!?

Then, this is the dish you are looking for 😀

Eggplant is on season and if you live in a region where the days are scorcher, you want refreshing food, right?

This dish is served as cold and all you need is just pour them on the warm cooked rice.

In scorcher days, people tend to lose their appetite, but this one can boost up your energy 😀


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