Okra Udon

I’ve shared with you all for some udon recipe, but I realized both are curry flavor. So I think this is the time to share traditional, typical udon recipe which is good for summer : Okra udon!


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Okra Ginger Stir Fry

Can anyone guess what is the veggie that shape is as cute as Tanooki!?

Well, it is okra! If you slice it and look at it, you’ll see there will be green star on your hand.

The sticky texture is also unique comparing with other veggie, so okra is Tanooki’s favorite veggie in summer.

I usually eat okra with boiling it and put some soy sauce, but this time I grilled it with a hint of ginger. The spiciness of ginger and savory soy sauce will be your another favorite dish from now on!  

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