Slimy Medley~Mozuku Okra

Hello everyone, how was your weekend?


This is the first Monday waking up in my new bedroom today. Waking up with feeling lots of sun, I really love it and know my life will be more enjoyable!


I wanted to make new day with new ingredients on my blog too, so I’ve decided to introduce a recipe with one of the most bizarre food: mozuku, Cladosiphon okamuranus (wow so difficult, I don’t think I’d remember the English name properly!:P)



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Okra Curry

Before I moved to the States, curry was made with only block of curry mix. Brown thick curry with carrots, potatoes, onions, and either pork/beef was the curry to me, and I never knew there are actually so many kinds of curry in the world.


Shortly after I moved to LA and met Thai curry. Made with sweet coconuts milk, the thai curry grabbed my stomach and heart so I became huge fan of another type of curry.


Then, I met Indian curry. I tried it at some point on my college life, but didn’t have further chance till I started to work. And one day, I found there was a small Indian grocery with deli section, so I decided to try it on my way home from work. There were a huge selection of curry, but I didn’t know what is popular at the store because as the beginner, everything looked identical. They said okra curry was good, and surely it was! I never imagined using okra for curry, but okra’s interesting texture with flavorful, spicy curry was such a culinary discovery to me.


Now, even though there are at least 1 Indian restaurant within 3 block in my neighbor, I wanted to try making it on my own, and here it is! It was my first time to buy garam masala or coriander powder but mixing spice was also fun. Maybe it’s not authentic Indian curry, but I’d like to share how I did it because it came out so good 🙂


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Okra Ginger Stir Fry

Can anyone guess what is the veggie that shape is as cute as Tanooki!?

Well, it is okra! If you slice it and look at it, you’ll see there will be green star on your hand.

The sticky texture is also unique comparing with other veggie, so okra is Tanooki’s favorite veggie in summer.

I usually eat okra with boiling it and put some soy sauce, but this time I grilled it with a hint of ginger. The spiciness of ginger and savory soy sauce will be your another favorite dish from now on!  

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