Buttery Pasta with Wasabi Avocado Topping

Have you tried my avocado pasta recipe?

I hope you liked it, and if you are looking for another version of it, here you go!

The last one was zesty lime and mellow cheese flavor of avocado was mixed with pasta, but this time, the dish is the mixture of Western Asian flavor. May I call it “pasta the world”? 😛

The buttery flavored pasta with vivid wasabi and a hint of savory sesame oil avocado topping create wonderful mixture of Western and Asian flavor. Once you bring the first bite, mellow buttery pasta and creamy avocado will spread the love of eating!



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Feta, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil Pasta

I think I’m so entrepreneur in food and believed I tried so many veggies so far in my life, but there are still millions of veggies in the world.

This time I tried sun dried tomato.

When people dry the food, usually the taste will be stronger. And now, I love this rich chewy little veg. This time I combined it with feta cheese and basil, and wow.  It will be my regular recipe if I feel like eating Mediterranean food.

Rich and salty feta and sun dried tomato with fresh herbal aroma of basil. If your mouth is watery, today’s dinner has been decided as this dish!



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Tomato Mushroom Pasta

Mushroom, asparagus, or eggplant?


These three always make me puzzled which one to pair up with my tomato sauce to make my signature tomato pasta dish.


While wander around pasta sauce aisle at my local grocery store, almost every brand has tomato sauce with mushroom in a jar, those 2 veggies are impossible to find. Does it mean tomato sauce with mushroom in it is the best? 😉


I had plenty of fresh mushroom, so today’s recipe is pasta with everyone’s favorite, with mushroom!


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Lemony Parmesan Pasta

Want refreshing, flavorful pasta dish?

Lemon and parmesan cheese with a little asparagus is perfect for a little hot spring day! You don’t need much ingredients to prepare, and the method is easy!

If you are busy planning for what you’ll do in this weekend, just give a little time to cook and enjoy zesty, refreshing dish 🙂



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Yukari Furikake(Sour plum Flavor Rice Topping) and Mushroom Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I love pasta with mushroom! I add some of them whatever the sauce is. I wanted to create something new. I’ve bought yukari, sour plum flavored furikake the other day, so I combined them to make Asian flavored pasta with mushrooms!


Sourly yukari with savory mushroom matched so nice, so let’s cook it if you are interested in my yukari mushroom pasta! 😀


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