Slimy Natto Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Today’s recipe, I’d like to use Japanese traditional food. Natto!


As some of you may know natto is kind of controversial food because it has interesting smell and looks, it has close relationship with Japanese people.


When I was a child, I remember eating natto with rice as my breakfast, school lunch, and whenever I need extra food to eat with rice. Also, I remember when I was older than 12 years old and cared so much about how boys and girls looked at me, I pretended I didn’t like natto because I was afraid of being looked as “a girl likes eating smelly odd food.”


Now I don’t care how I’m looked and don’t want to waste my favorite food, I cook food with natto, especially with spaghetti.
If you see natto as first time, you may feel this is kind of odd food, but trust me, this is so tasty and nutritional food you ever have.


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Soy Milk Pasta

Hello there, thank you for coming to my new posting!


I don’t usually cook cream pasta, but sometimes I’m obsessed to the sweet creamy sauce instead of sweet and a pinch of sour taste tomato sauce. I mean tomato sauce is of course good. In fact, it appears pretty often on my pasta dish. But you know, we sometimes want to escape ordinal routine, right?


Anyway, if you want to have creamy sauce that is well tossed on pasta, just read through today’s my posting! I promise you won’t regret! 😛

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Mushroom Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Autumn to me always consists of cooking with mushroom.

Even though we can purchase it at store year round, my mom tends to cook food by using a variety of mushroom in autumn, so I just follow and it is always good in that seson.


The pasta dish I’m sharing with you is one of my favorite pasta dish especially when I feel like eating japanese fusion pasta dish.


The salted kombu sauce flavored thick sauce coats a variety of mushrooms I chose to use, and it is definitely tasty.


So what you need to do now? Just keep reading my today’s posting!


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Zesty Cheesy Pasta

Hello everyone, welcome! Welcome to my new posting 😀


Do you like cheese? Check!.


Do you like pasta? Check!!.


Do you want to crave cheese pasta but not mac n cheese? Check!!!.


Ok, stay tune on my posting because today I’m sharing with you all for my yummy zesty cheesy pasta!  


The melted cheese with zesty lime juice give a thunder on your mouth, and of course, to your heart!


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Tomato Capellini

Summer is almost ending, so I must celebrate this summer’s harvest by using lots of summer veggies. It was hot summer night (very rare for here in Seattle) so I cooked cold tomato pasta!

Zesty lime juice give great flavor to sweet tomato and herbal flavor of basil, so if you missed eating cold pasta in this season, now is the time to try it out!

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