Soy Milk Jelly Pudding

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Do you like jelly? I like to eat it, but I didn’t like to make it because everytime I cook it, it didn’t congeal into jelly. After several research and experiment, I found out the reason why it didn’t congeal into jelly was that I didn’t stir well enough.


After succeeding to make perfect jelly, there was still leftover agar agar on my kitchen. I’m satisfied to cook fruit jelly, so I’ve decided to cook milk pudding jelly this time.


From agar agar’s power, this milk pudding jelly is not creamy soft like flan. But a little chewy milk pudding is definitely worth trying because it taste great!  

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Shishito Pepper Aglio Olio Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I like spicy food! How about you? If you are with me, today’s recipe will be your favorite.

I’ve introduced kombu aglio olio pasta very beginning of this blog, and this is another recommendation to cook pasta with garlic. Shishito pepper’s spiciness give twist on your pasta garlic and pepper’s rich flavor will catch and hold your stomach and appetite!

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Zesty Lemony Garlic Mayo Sauce

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


French fries are my favorite food. It will be absolutely Top 5 on entire food around the world. Crispy and crunchy potatoes is great as breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner(as side dish,) and what’s more…dessert? 😛


Since I came to the US, with salt was the best and only way to eat them. However, people give me tons of packet of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce or ranch dressing to pair up with fries, and I’m so obsessed to try as many varieties of sauce.


While there are thousands of ways for dip sauce, this zesty lemon aglio olio sauce is the best! But be careful if you have some appointment today. While it is true that refreshing and rich lemony flavor can give you vivid taste, it has strong garlic flavor as well. And I also need to remind you: THIS. IS. FREAKING.GOOD!! 😛
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Tahini Dressing

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Frankly speaking, I’m eager to try new food and new recipe around the world, but at the same time, I’m a little bit afraid of ending up just wasting ingredients that I used for the new recipe.


One of the perfect ingredients is tahini. I bought it at local market because I wanted to try making hummus. My homemade hummus came out very good and this is the regular recipe today, but except hummus, I have no idea what to make by using it, and what I have on my fridge? Almost fully remained tahini in a big jar (I tried to find small one but it was just one size.)


This happens sometime especially I tried recipe from non-Asian cuisine. Since I don’t know a variety of method to use it, this poor little guy will end up being thrown away in worst scenario.

But, I don’t want this to be happen to me, so I mix it with some Asian ingredients and made dressing.


Savory and nutty tahini dressing came out just right with leafy salad, so please try if you have tahini on your fridge!


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Broccoli and Potato Soup

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I heard LA reached over 90 degree on thanksgiving. Some of you may feel it’s incredible temperature in November, but it sometimes occur. When I was in LA, I enjoyed that very much, and now I miss there so bad…where is my sunshine and great nap time on the beach!?


My local is getting colder and colder, so I need another soup to warm my body up.


If you live in real winter, you got try it. Broccoli and potato fill your stomach and they will keep your full body warm even though they already pass on your stomach! 😛

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