Coconut Milk Soup

If I and my friends decided to hit Thai restaurant and order some soup, we used to go for tom yum kung. The hot and sour soup always grabbed our attention and we always knew we made the right decision. Meanwhile, I knew there was another soup list of tom ka gai, chicken coconut soup. At that time, I thought it sounded weird because coconut milk was for some Thai curry or more like for dessert.


And, as usual for now, I knew I was wrong.


I tried making it at home because if I didn’t like it, it would be waste and this is what I don’t like to do in any occasion. Also, there is a benefit of choosing what I like to add, learning how to cook new recipe;)


And here it is! It supposed to have some chicken, but as I’m trying to be a vegan (please don’t mention about fish sauce..I don’t know what I can substitute with something vegan yet;P), I used veg soup stock instead and omit chicken from ingredients.


If you have coconut milk waiting to transform nice delicious food, try this! 😀


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Asian Flavored Corn and Egg Soup

Usually if my main dish is Chinese food, I pair up with wonton soup without wonton but with seaweed and scallion. (Sounds a little Weird?;) ) But as I was making mapo tofu, I wanted to try something different. I’m craving food so much lately, so I choose something can stock up my tummy: cream corn!

I think I used to have it in my school lunch, so creamy sweet corn and egg with savory flavor of sesame oil caused nostalgia that night.

Asian flavored corn soup. If it hit your mind, your tummy wants that so cook it right away!



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Hijiki(Seaweed) and Spinach Salad

Have you tried my traditional hijiki seaweed dish?

If so, we should move on to the East-Meets-West dish!


As you know, hijiki seaweed is widely consumed by people who live in East Asia. We usually use soy sauce to cook hijiki seaweed, but how about season with yogurt and cheese?


At this moment, just reading this posting and never tried the hijiki and spinach salad, you might feel weird to mix up hijiki seaweed and yogurt/cheese, but trust me, this creamy dressing and veggies, seaweed matches great!


Since spinach is rich source for iron and hijiki seaweed has essential mineral, this can be super food to stay healthy with just a small bowl!


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Classic Italian appetiser: Caprese

One of the most classic appetizers to pair up your Italian dish: Caprese.


Pretty simple recipe so nobody can mess up cooking this, and since it is using just a few ingredients and the method isn’t complicated at all, everyone can make this perfectly!


Fresh sweet and a little sour tomato and mellow mozzarella with fresh herbal aroma of basil. Mmm, sounds fantastic and must be great small bite!


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