Shimeji mushroom and Salted Kelp Rice

I wanted to make takikomi Gohan so much the other day, but I couldn’t because I was running out of soy sauce.


Running out of soy sauce. You hear me?


As I grew up in Asian country, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine are the must haves when cooking.


But I did. Why? Because I was waiting for my favorite brand of soy sauce to be on sale! It was so unfortunate for that they stay regular price for such a long time…Now I regret why I didn’t buy it when it was on sale few months ago.  


So anyway, going back to takikomi Gohan story, I made it by using other ingredients: salted kelp!


I thought it would be lack of taste somehow, but it actually turned out great!

This is vegan recipe, so if you are trying to be a vegan, let’s try it!


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Sweet Potato Rice

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

What is your favorite grain?

I love rice! Based on my cultural background, rice was the closest one to me. While just plain rice is totally fine to me, sometimes I want to try something different, so I added some sweet potatoes.

By adding sweet potatoes, ordinal rice can dress up like princess! With natural sweetness from potatoes, you can’t stop thinking about having another helping soon!



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Veggie Rice Bowl with Gochujang Sauce

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Eating healthy food is what everyone wants for meal time. Eating unhealthy food can sometimes let us feel we are destroying stress, but it’s only applied for some special occasion. We want to stay healthy!


So, if you got some fresh veggies, why don’t you grill them and pour some special sauce over rice!? This rice bowl recipe, the veggies are cut in huge chunk and the sauce’s sweet and sour flavor from gochujang can boost up your appetite!


Do you want some fuel to stay healthy? Here you go!



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Thai Fusion Lettuce Fried Rice

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

There are so many kinds of fried rice. Some has curry flavor, some has spicy flavor…and all of them attracts everyone’s attention and they are actually people’s one of the favorite food.

They have a variety of veggies, but have you thought about adding lettuce on fried rice?

Trust me, it’s so delicious with crunchy rice and crispy lettuce with flavorful sauce! 😀

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Tomato Risotto

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I love tomato sauce, so do you, right?

I usually cook pasta by using tomato sauce, but this time I cooked tomato risotto.


No I was really going to make risotto, I didn’t change the dinner plan of cooking penne arrabbiata after I was surprised I had just ¼ box of pasta left on my pantry and my dinner buddy was coming back in 30 min.


Anyway, my tomato risotto came out just right. A rich flavor of a little sour but sweet tomato with bunch of veggies will make your meal time special 🙂


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