Miso Mayo Soba Salad

I have several recipe for soba, and here is another/new one for you to try!


When I start running this blog, I ate soba with the usual soup/soba and I’d never chosen other way to eat soba, which is made with some cooking wine, soy sauce, and bonito stock. But today, explore the new and best way to enjoy cooking and meal, and found this one.


Sauce is richer than my usual soup because it is using mayo and miso. Richer but still nice savory flavor, and it’s quick to cook!


As outside is getting hotter and hotter, I think this will be your the usual menu in this summer!  


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Cucumber Dill Salad

I tried eating dill for the first time with lox. I’m huge lover of salmon, so when I ordered it at some sandwich shop, it happen to help me try eating new herb.


Dill’s fresh aroma and refreshing taste gives vivid twist on lox, and I tend to choose lox at wherever it is available after that.


Now, I’m on no-meat diet but I think I’m still a fan of fresh dill. Thinking for how to eat it, some angel who live in my mind recommended mixing dill with cucumber, crisp and refreshing veggie!


It’s perfect with mediterranean food, so cook it quick and have a perfect meal!


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Easy Yu Choi Hot Salad

One day I was in Asian market to get veggies. At that time, chinese broccoli was on sale so I grabbed it and put it on my basket.

When I was ready paying money, I noticed they put wrong price on that. I immediately told cashier that it’s chinese broccoli and the price she put was wrong, but that started a lesson about chinese veggies. She said I picked yu choi instead of chinese broccoli and the price was right based on what I put in my basket. She even ran to pick up both veggies and showed me both veggies calling their name. Me, as beginner with chinese veggies couldn’t tell what’s the difference between them, but now I should try it because I never tried eating/cooking it.

Since I’m beginner, I used familiar seasoning to enjoy new veggie and it was just right!

All are welcome to try, even if you can’t tell the difference between Chinese broccoli and yu choi (like me)!  


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Onion and Radish Salad

When I was a kid, I never seen red radish at my local store. To me, radish daikon is long, thick white veggie that sometimes used as metaphorical expression for legs (in bad way, btw. It basically used as “hey your leg is as thick as daikon radish! So don’t even think when to use it especially for ladies! 😉 )


Now, I’m so glad red radish is easily available in my local store. This little veggie is so tasty and cute for red and white color, so I can use it as garnish, too!


If you put a little bitter onion and radish together and put ponzu sauce with sprinkle of bonito flake, you’ll say “wow, how come I didn’t try it sooner?”


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