Flower Field Salad

My neighbor loves flowers.

When I was in LA, I could easily see palm tree but not so much of flowers, so finding new flowers and plants while walking is my favorite moment living in this area.

Do you think it would be interesting to bring them in your dinner plate, don’t you?

I love seeing surprising face on my dinner buddy, so let’s try it out 😀

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Happy Anniversary Caprese Salad

If it is a special day for two of you, you might wanna go to some fancy restaurant.

But think about it.

  • Decide what restaurant you guys will go
  • Make a reservation
  • Wonder what clothes you will wear
  • Hover around walk-in closet to find matched purse
  • Putting make up (for ladies)
  • Shaving for fresh clean face / set nice mustache (for gentlemen)

Etc, etc…

Umm,,, a lot of work to do, huh?

If you think the same as me, it is also good to celebrate your special day for one of the most comfortable space: home!!

Just ordinal salad can be the special one. All you need is just give it a little work.


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Okra Glass Noodle Salad

Summer is good season with so much of sunshine.

When I was in CA, it was always burning for heat and sometimes it was too difficult to sleep. Now I moved to northern area and the heat is not that hard, but still the food is one of my signature dish during summer.

Nice cold okra and glass noodle soaked in refreshing sour dressing, your appetite will keep staying tune even in hot day.  

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Ginger Cucumber

I had culture shock experience of produce when I came to the US.

One day, I had “cucumber” on my shopping list, so I was looking for some of them for my dinner salad. But, even though I checked every aisle on produce section, I couldn’t find any. So I asked a person who worked there and she took me to the aisle, but all I could see was a pile of giant zucchini.  

As you can guess, that “zucchini” was actually cucumber.

The huge difference of cucumber that I expected was long, crisp, and most importantly, thin.

The looks was a little different, but I’d decided to try it out as same cooking method I used to do in my hometown.

And, I had spent whole night in bathroom.

The cucumber in the US had thick skin, so my stomach had difficulty of digesting it.

After that experience, I tend to avoid eating it, but cucumber ‘s crisp and refreshing taste hold my interest, so the cucumber grown in the US is now get along with me.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce another cucumber salad recipe. The ingredients are just 3 of them and super easy, so you’ve gotta give it try!

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