Enoki, Shimeji Mushroom with Plum Perilla Flavor

It’s getting hot lately! How have everyone been?


I suggest those who want to get away from this heat eat some refreshing and a little sour food! In this season, my mom used to put sour plum on my lunch to keep it as fresh as possible. After eating lunch, I used to try keeping sour plum seed in my mouth until the afternoon class was over, but every time it ended as failed because I couldn’t wait to get the crunchy part inside of sour plum (and sometimes caught by teacher noticing I had something in my mouth.)


While some of you (including me) hope losing some weight in this season, skipping meal time is not a good idea, so here is nice sour and low calorie dish!


Mushrooms have low calorie and perilla leaves, bonito flakes, and sour plum enhance flavor, so you’ll enjoy eating tasty AND low calorie food 🙂


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Shimeji mushroom and Salted Kelp Rice

I wanted to make takikomi Gohan so much the other day, but I couldn’t because I was running out of soy sauce.


Running out of soy sauce. You hear me?


As I grew up in Asian country, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine are the must haves when cooking.


But I did. Why? Because I was waiting for my favorite brand of soy sauce to be on sale! It was so unfortunate for that they stay regular price for such a long time…Now I regret why I didn’t buy it when it was on sale few months ago.  


So anyway, going back to takikomi Gohan story, I made it by using other ingredients: salted kelp!


I thought it would be lack of taste somehow, but it actually turned out great!

This is vegan recipe, so if you are trying to be a vegan, let’s try it!


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Yukari Furikake(Sour plum Flavor Rice Topping) and Mushroom Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I love pasta with mushroom! I add some of them whatever the sauce is. I wanted to create something new. I’ve bought yukari, sour plum flavored furikake the other day, so I combined them to make Asian flavored pasta with mushrooms!


Sourly yukari with savory mushroom matched so nice, so let’s cook it if you are interested in my yukari mushroom pasta! 😀


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