Marinated Burdock

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Phew! Looks like tax return deadline has been postponed due to technical problem on the website. Did it happen because there are more last minutes people than previous year? 😀

So anyway, have you tried my burdock recipe? If not, you should try when you get a chance, and for those who tried that and looking for the new recipe, here it is!

This could be time consuming because you need some time to marinate burdock, but when you get perfectly marinated burdock, you will have unstoppable munching time of them.

If you are thinking about cooking not so bold taste of Asian food and looking for a little side dish, you should give it a try. With this sourly crunchy burdock, you can give a little pinch to regular Asian meal;)


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Fresh Tomato in Ponzu Sesame Oil

I love tomato, both fresh and processed as marinara sauce or ketchup.


I bet there are quite large number of people who like ketchup, marinara sauce but don’t like eating fresh tomato.


I used to be the one like that. But when I tried eating it with different seasoning,I thought eating tomato fresh is not that bad.


If you are avoiding to eat fresh tomato, just try this method. It’s a snap to make it, and you won’t regret 😉


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Spinach, Mushroom and Sweet Corn Stir Fry with Buttery Soy Sauce

Butter and soy sauce.

This is one of my favorite seasoning combinations in the world. Butter ‘s mild and creamy flavor with a little salty, savory kick attract not only my tongue but also my nose to catch rich aroma.


I remember cooked spinach with sweet corn appeared regularly on my school lunch, but that one was seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper. While it is true that it was tasty enough to be one of the favorite veggie side dish back in my childhood, I wish they cooked it with butter and soy sauce from the beginning, so that it could be the one kids finished eating it immediately and got another serving (Or diner lady cooked them with just sprinkle of salt and pepper on purpose to avoid conflict? :P)


Anyways, I bet everyone would love it because of the flavorful taste. Sure, it has deep green color from the spinach so some kids who don’t like to eat veggies might say NOOOOOOO to eat it. But after just one small bite, kids will turn to change veggie eater for sure 😉



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Spinach with Sesame Soy Sauce

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Today’s recipe is the perfect side dish if you have spinach!


If I need super quick side dish with spinach, I just pour a little soy sauce and bonito flakes, but I just add a little more ingredients, I can make my dinner table so fancy!


Spinach is great source of vitamin and iron, so eat up and boost up your healthy body:D


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Prik Nam Som ~Jalapeno Pickles

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I love Thai food. Every time I go to Thai restaurant, I explore what table condiments do they have. They have several interesting sauce, but I like this one best.


It’s spicy but that hotness and sourness grab my attention. I have to be sure I won’t eat everything up. But if they are homemade, I can do that 😛


Waiting them to be pickled is the hardest part in this recipe, but if you get accomplished, you will have a jar of treasure!  


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