Buttery Snap Peas and mushrooms

Snap peas. It’s on season and look sooo yummy!

It’s good to eat fresh with creamy dip, but sometimes we deserve new different method to enjoy tasty veggie.

Crisp and mellow snap pea in buttery flavor. It must be the best dish to try in spring/early summer!


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Genovese Pasta

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


I got a huge bag of basil leaves the other day, and they started to turn to black. I haven’t use many of them by now but don’t want to waste even 1 leaf, so I decided to cook classic basil recipe…pasta with genovese sauce!


When I first met this dish in my childhood, genovese pasta became regular sauce for pasta dish. If there was a choice either tomato sauce or genovese, I used to choose latter one.


If you like basil and you want to use it as much as you can, this is the perfect recipe!


*If you don’t have food processor, you’d want to consider buying one before making this dish. When I wanted to cook genovese pasta without using food processor, all I got was just an unfortunate dish 😦



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Carrot Glacé

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

If you are looking for simple but tasty side dish to decorate your dinner plate, you should come up with some recipe by using carrot. The vivid orange color from β-carotene is pretty and nutritional value from Vitamin is good for our health. While simmering with sugar and soup stock, it become soft and mellow flavor.

The method to make carrot glacé is extremely easy, so why don’t you try it!? 😀


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Green Bean Salad

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Green bean was on sale at my local store the other day, so I bought a huge bag of them. After I cooked them by using garlic and pepper, there was still some left over waiting to be cooked another food.


Cooking another garlic stir fry was also great idea, but I wanted to try different thing keeping me exploring food recipe, so I’ve decided to cook salad.


This is another super easy and simple recipe consisted of: cook veggie, season veggie, toss veggie, just 3 steps! If you want one more dish to make your meal perfect, try this!


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Baked Sweet Potatoes

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

The holiday season is almost there. It means, more party time, more sweets treat needed!

You may think apple pie, pumpkin pie, or panettone, but how about inviting naturally sweet healthy treats to your party?

This is perfect for quick snack or partner to your teatime, so if you are looking for some twist on your holiday treat, please welcome: Baked sweet potato balls!

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