Tomato Soup

My local grocery store had huge sale for paprika, so I bought so many of them.

I was thinking about what’s for dinner by using them, and I’ve decided to celebrate summer harvest with a bunch of paprika by cooking tomato soup.

I used many veggies, so even though the main character is tomato, still it has so many color and it entertain us.

Of course, the sour tomato and natural sweet of variety of veggies can entertain our tongue too!


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Thai Red Curry

Everyone likes “curry.”

Well, even though curry is the signature food from India, we have to clarify what kind of curry we are talking about.

There is Indian curry, Japanese curry, Thai curry…all of them has its special twist of taste to make the dish special, and they all attract people from around the world.

The spicy but mellow sauce made with the combination of variety of  herbs and spices make sophisticated taste, and sweet cream worked perfectly to be the bridge of sweetness and vivid but not as aggressive spiciness.

Especially curry with coconut milk can take my mind to southern paradise, so the recipe of today is: Thai Red Curry!!


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Curry Udon Soup

I’ve shared the dry curry udon, but for a chilly day, you’d want to eat it with hot soup to warm your body up. Usually if you order curry udon at Japanese restaurant, you’d get the one with this recipe: a hint of bonito stock to make the soup more flavorful.

Curry is everyone’s favorite, and udon noodle is also an awesome food, so why don’t you just give it try once!? I’m sure you’ll be obsessed it 🙂


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Egg Drop Clear Broth Soup

While miso soup is well known Japanese traditional soup, there is another type of soup called o-su-i-mo-no. It is clear soup made from fish/kelp broth with a little bit of soy sauce, so the taste is lighter than miso soup. For ingredients, people put variety of veggies, meat, tofu, or dumpling.

Japanese cuisine always have soup as important side dish, so they switch from miso soup to osuimono when they are bored for miso taste, or when their main dish has strong flavor.

As summer has come, it is kind of hard to swallow hot soup, but this soup is light flavor so that everyone must try it 😛


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