Potato Salad in Tomato Cup

Potato salad has a huge fan. Its creamy, sweet and smooth potato texture and taste catch and hold people’s stomach and become one of the most popular salad menu.

Potato salad appears on my dinner table often, but I wanted to celebrate summer harvest with summer veggie, tomato. And I’m satisfied to make the dish tasty and also, cute. The dish add a little sour into salad, and it dues is refreshing salad for hot summer day!

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Tomato Capellini

Summer is almost ending, so I must celebrate this summer’s harvest by using lots of summer veggies. It was hot summer night (very rare for here in Seattle) so I cooked cold tomato pasta!

Zesty lime juice give great flavor to sweet tomato and herbal flavor of basil, so if you missed eating cold pasta in this season, now is the time to try it out!

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Okra Pasta with Dashi&Butter Sauce

Tanooki’s current local area started to be chill already.

Surprisingly, August is already half past, so I can feel fall is right there.

But! Still okra is in season so I created another pasta by using okra.


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Mushroom Packet with Buttery Ponzu Sauce

When I was in LA, I used to go to beach every summer, but after moving to far North, I don’t have chance to have BBQ on beach yet (or is there any beach in my local area? I see some lake but they are all occupied by ducks…)

Anyways, since I’m so obsessed to BBQ but my dinner buddy would not accept to eat meat, so I’d like to share BBQ dish by using mushroom!

For those who have a plan going to BBQ, take note on this recipe to make your dish full of treasure!!

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Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna

Lasagna is one of my favorite pasta dish. It looks gorgeous with so many layers of tomato sauce and flat, broad noodle. Most importantly, they are covered with a carpet of crispy and melted cheese. Umm, what a gorgeous food!

Before coming to the US, lasagna noodle was not accessible in my hometown, so lasagna was my dream food.

Now, I could get it from my local grocery, but I seldom buy it because I found more healthy version of lasagna.   It is: Zucchini and Eggplant lasagna!


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