Fried Tofu with Teri-Mayo Sauce

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

There are more izakaya(tapas bar) opens in the states. Yes, people love alcohol and a variety of small quick bites!

Going outside and spend time with people and nice drink/food drags me out from house, but sometimes spending tie for private happy hour charges our energy much quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for some nice quick bites to pair up your favorite drink, how about crunchy tofu with savory sauce beam?

The rich flavored tofu is nice choice to stay healthy, and most importantly, it’s delicious! So why don’t you just try it once? 😉


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Ground Tofu with Mint Sauce

I saw fresh and beautiful mint leaves in my local store, and my mind are stuck to think about this dish. Usually I use basil for my herb to create tasty dish, but this mint looked so perfect to be on my dinner plate, so here it is!


With a complex of herbs and Asian must have sauce, plain tofu and veggies are magically turn to tasty dish. Even though the ingredients are more than my usual recipe, just give it a try and you won’t regret it!

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Thai Flavored Eggplant and Tofu

My neighbor has so many Thai restaurant. They all have authentic Thai dish like pad thai, curries, or tom yum soup, stir fry dish vary on which restaurant you choose. Although they are all great, as I love Thai dish so much, I wanted to make some on my own, so here it is! Thai basil with eggplant and tofu!


Fresh herbal aroma of basil with mellow veggies created the perfect dish, so if you are craving Thai dish, my recipe is here!


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Veggie and Tofu Stir Fry with Ginger Sauce

Soy sauce is back!!


Thank you, my local asian store to have a sale on soy sauce. I can cook many asian dish again:P


So anyway, If you like ginger’s lightning spice, this sauce will be your next obsession. Usually the sauce suits fantastic with grilled pork steak, but for those who are vegan or on no meat diet, this dish is the one for you!

With a variety of veggies, the taste is so flavorful and high in every nutrition.

Is your stomach tired for drinking a lot of alcohol from happy hour? Try this and your stomach will get back strong!



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Veggie Stir Fry with Spicy Chili Sauce

I went to see cherry blossom the other day. I heard it is the perfect season to see, so we gave it a go to check out.

And saw the paradise!


If you look up, there are pink ceiling all over, and you’ll realize the spring is already here to take you outside.


I was so glad that weekend wasn’t rain so that we had long walk to check how’s my neighbor (Chinese restaurant turned into Thai restaurant, new cafe popped up, garden had so many kinds of flowers etc…)


The pic I got was taken at the university campus. And what you see around the univ.campus?

Lots of Chinese restaurant!

I used to have lunch at Chinese restaurant regularly when I was in a college, but there they’d missed a thing: miso flavored veggie stir fry!

Although my home country’s Chinese restaurants had it, I can’t find it at any restaurant. Sure, maybe people in my neighbor are not familiar with this dish, but surely it is so delicious!

Rich flavor of miso and chili sauce are awesome with a variety of veggies and the sauce gives vivid lighting on your tongue. With a side of rice, you’ll definitely enjoy your meal time!   


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