Tofu and Avocado Salad

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!


Tofu and avocado. Are they sharing similar traits?


Well, they both have soft, mellow, creamy texture and they are attracting people all the time.


What if I combine them with crispy cucumber and zesty sauce?


The answer is…the best salad ever!!


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Tofu Skewer

Hello there, welcome to my new posting!

Thanksgiving is gone… I wonder how was everyone’s thanksgiving.

2 years ago, I roasted turkey for the first time in my life. It was very fun, and I got huge tasty meal for whole 2 days.(I always wonder everyone has recipe for leftover turkey, but for us, they didn’t last that longer!)

But this year, roasting turkey was not on my to-do list since we are trying to be vegan. Yet as I wanted to make this special holiday wonderful, I had been thinking what to cook for thanksgiving dinner for days.

Tofu is always perfect for substituting meat, so how could I decorate it for fancy meal?

How about…skewer? I still have a bunch of skewer sticks that I used for dango, so let’s make party meal!


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Tofu Hamburg Steak

I’ve shared tofu steak recipe the other day, and I’d like to share another tofu steak recipe.

This time, you gotta smash tofu and add variety of veggies, so it’s going to be more rich, healthy version of steak made with tofu.

Soft, fluffy tofu and sweet and savory flavor of teriyaki sauce make the best combination.

Do you wanna stay healthy by eating steak? You got it!! 😛

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Tofu Miso Doria (Rice Casserole)

I’ve introduced many recipes that use tofu.

Tofu is used as main character in those recipe because I’ve used tofu as substitution of meat that I used to cook until my dinner buddy turned to vegetarian, and it made my cooking experience fabulous all the time.

Tofu is great source of protein, low calorie but they make our appetite satisfied, so it is one of the most popular ingredients for vegetarians as substitutional item of meat. But, do you guys know that tofu can be used as sauce as well? And you can cook amazing french fusion food by using tofu cream?

Don’t feel weird. All you need is just try it. Once you give it try, you will love tofu more than before!  

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Mapo Tofu

If there is tofu in my ref in a cold day, dinner tend to be one of my favorite Chinese food, Mapo Tofu. Tofu filled in savory and spicy sauce with a side of rice will make my stomach a black hole. (Some say mapo tofu is not food but drink. I strongly agree with that:P)

If you have empty stomach in chilly day, your dinner should be this and you won’t regret your choice!  Mine contains edamame, so soft tofu with crispy edamame texture can definitely make many black hole tonight.

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