Tomato, Avocado Salad with Dill Dressing

Nice small salad is always welcome to accompany your meal, isn’t it?


If you have happen to have tomato, avocado, and a little fresh dill, this is what you should try! Mellow tomato and avocado with dill’s herbal aroma makes your heart melt, and you’ll bring another bite before you know it!


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Lentil Soup

I tried lentil for the first time in my life the other day. That means I spent quite long history without lentil. What a shame!


I found a bag of lentil at my grocery store and thought it would be great to try something new, so I looked up about lentil on google and decided to try as classic way: the soup!


Since lentil doesn’t need so much time to presoak, the method was super easy and you’ll get a nice warm bowl of soup in less than hour!


When you simmer the soup, let’s have a little debate for having bread, leafy salad, or both on the side!

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Classic Minestrone

Do you know what’s the difference between tomato soup and minestrone?

One day I was looking up that and found many article states that if the soup contains a variety of veggies even without tomato, it can be called minestrone.

I thought minestrone was a tomato soup with a variety of veggies (celery is a must,) but just veggie soup could be called minestrone, so it made me surprise. While there are so many article about what makes classic minestrone, most of them said if the soup contains pasta with other variety of veggies, it would be that.

As looking back my school lunch, I had minestrone but it didn’t have pasta in it. It had celeries, carrots, onions, but no pasta for sure. So when I read the article, I learned I was eating tomato soup that wants to be minestrone someday.

I still doubt soup with lots of veggies and pasta is the one to be called minestrone, but anyway I made the “classic” recipe of minestrone.

With a variety of veggies, mushrooms and even with carb, this is the easy and complete meal for just a bowl:)



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Mozuku (Seaweed) with Cucumber, Tomato

Have you noticed you are craving sour food to feel refreshing in this recent heat?


Summer is almost there! The heat is soaking up your energy but you need to be as powerful and healthy as you always are.


For those who are looking for nice healthy food with refreshing taste, I’d recommend mozuku, Cladosiphon okamuranus! (Hey, you are just reading my posting, not entering biology class that makes you suffering, so don’t go away!! ;))


Mozuku can be found in seafood, chilled section in Asian grocery store especially in the store with many Japanese food or ingredients. Usually they have 3 or 4 packs of set they vary flavor depends on what kind of vinegar or citrus they use.


If you tried my last recipe for mozuku, you may already know how easy to cook it is. This one is also easy because you are not adding any other ingredients for sauce. Last one was just with okra but I’d like to introduce small side dish with a little more veggie.


Feeling summer is coming? Let’s try this recipe and stay healthy, powerful, and refreshing!


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Classic Italian appetiser: Caprese

One of the most classic appetizers to pair up your Italian dish: Caprese.


Pretty simple recipe so nobody can mess up cooking this, and since it is using just a few ingredients and the method isn’t complicated at all, everyone can make this perfectly!


Fresh sweet and a little sour tomato and mellow mozzarella with fresh herbal aroma of basil. Mmm, sounds fantastic and must be great small bite!


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