Less-Oil Potato Croquette

Deep fried juicy croquette cooking hack!

I don’t want to shape potatoes round and then deep fry them, so I just spread pan-fried panko crumbs to look like croquette 😛

You don’t have to make shape with hot mashed potatoes, and most importantly, you don’t need to warm up large amount of oil to deep fry.

Are you lazy person? Then you should try cooking my less oil potato croquette!


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Flower Field Salad

My neighbor loves flowers.

When I was in LA, I could easily see palm tree but not so much of flowers, so finding new flowers and plants while walking is my favorite moment living in this area.

Do you think it would be interesting to bring them in your dinner plate, don’t you?

I love seeing surprising face on my dinner buddy, so let’s try it out 😀

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Okra Ginger Stir Fry

Can anyone guess what is the veggie that shape is as cute as Tanooki!?

Well, it is okra! If you slice it and look at it, you’ll see there will be green star on your hand.

The sticky texture is also unique comparing with other veggie, so okra is Tanooki’s favorite veggie in summer.

I usually eat okra with boiling it and put some soy sauce, but this time I grilled it with a hint of ginger. The spiciness of ginger and savory soy sauce will be your another favorite dish from now on!  

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Thai Red Curry

Everyone likes “curry.”

Well, even though curry is the signature food from India, we have to clarify what kind of curry we are talking about.

There is Indian curry, Japanese curry, Thai curry…all of them has its special twist of taste to make the dish special, and they all attract people from around the world.

The spicy but mellow sauce made with the combination of variety of  herbs and spices make sophisticated taste, and sweet cream worked perfectly to be the bridge of sweetness and vivid but not as aggressive spiciness.

Especially curry with coconut milk can take my mind to southern paradise, so the recipe of today is: Thai Red Curry!!


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