Soy Milk Jelly Pudding

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Do you like jelly? I like to eat it, but I didn’t like to make it because everytime I cook it, it didn’t congeal into jelly. After several research and experiment, I found out the reason why it didn’t congeal into jelly was that I didn’t stir well enough.


After succeeding to make perfect jelly, there was still leftover agar agar on my kitchen. I’m satisfied to cook fruit jelly, so I’ve decided to cook milk pudding jelly this time.


From agar agar’s power, this milk pudding jelly is not creamy soft like flan. But a little chewy milk pudding is definitely worth trying because it taste great!  

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Shishito Pepper Aglio Olio Pasta

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I like spicy food! How about you? If you are with me, today’s recipe will be your favorite.

I’ve introduced kombu aglio olio pasta very beginning of this blog, and this is another recommendation to cook pasta with garlic. Shishito pepper’s spiciness give twist on your pasta garlic and pepper’s rich flavor will catch and hold your stomach and appetite!

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Tofu Hamburg with Demi-glace Sauce

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Tofu hamburg is always one of the best main dish for gorgeous meal. Fluffy tofu with savory sauce grab our attention and the taste is always awesome.


I’ve made tofu hamberg with teriyaki sauce before, and this time is with demi-glace sauce. I had leftover tomato can of juice after I cooked tomato chickpea risotto, so I used it not to waste my food.


Just look at picture and I bet your mouth will be super watery:D
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Zesty Lemony Garlic Mayo Sauce

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French fries are my favorite food. It will be absolutely Top 5 on entire food around the world. Crispy and crunchy potatoes is great as breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner(as side dish,) and what’s more…dessert? 😛


Since I came to the US, with salt was the best and only way to eat them. However, people give me tons of packet of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce or ranch dressing to pair up with fries, and I’m so obsessed to try as many varieties of sauce.


While there are thousands of ways for dip sauce, this zesty lemon aglio olio sauce is the best! But be careful if you have some appointment today. While it is true that refreshing and rich lemony flavor can give you vivid taste, it has strong garlic flavor as well. And I also need to remind you: THIS. IS. FREAKING.GOOD!! 😛
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Cauliflower and Chickpea Risotto with Tomato Sauce

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Another low carb food recipe is available in Tanookiinamerica!

Italian food is always one of the best partners for carb, but if you are on low carb diet, I bet you are trying to stay away from them. But think about it. Who can run away from your favorite food? I believe there are so many good memories shared with them, so you shouldn’t think they are your enemy.


Are you greedy for consuming Italian food with being on low carb diet? Here is the recipe for you!

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